Sacred Spirits of Gaia Book + Oracle Deck


Book + Oracle Deck to co-create a New Earth with fairies, elementals, ancestors, & spirits of land. Draw one of 44-full color cards. Read about them in the book. Connect and open to your own magical meeting in Nature. Spirits share their voices and land rituals. Free shipping in USA.


Co-Creating a New Earth with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors, & Spirits of Land by Camilla Blossom, Andrea Dombecki, illustrator.

Book + Oracle Deck set.

My personal story, inspiration, and magical meeting and co-creating with 44 spirits of Nature.

Meet sacred earth spirits of Gaia, receive attunement, and practice nature connection rituals. Co-creating with the spirits of Gaia catalyzes you to move forward in nurturing the planet and relating and interacting with beings of nature.

We are creating new realities with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions by being in relationship with nature. Working with the these spirits ushers in a new earth full of love, gratitude, and respect for all of life. Discover your unique role in relationship to the fairies, elementals, ancestors, and spirits of land.


“This book is really beautiful. I love that there is no complicated mantra or ritual necessary, just an invitation to love Mother Earth by expressing ourselves fully and reflecting the love Nature shows us.”

—Petra Caruso

“As part of my job as Organizer of the Fairy and Human Relations Congress, I have read just about every book on Land Healing out there.  This book is one of the best, it shines with Camilla’s lived-in wisdom. She inspires you to deepen your connection with Nature, and also gives you the paths and tools to do so.  Her language is clear and succinct, you can feel the energy of her allies transmitted through the text.  Highly recommended!”

—Lindsey Swope

Artwork: Andrea Dombecki

Paperback book, 380 pages; color cover, B&W inside.

Deck: 44 full-color cards; box, little booklet (please allow 4-6 weeks delivery)