Testimonial for Land Healer Training – fall program

“I’m so grateful I signed up… “Camilla’s teachings … continue to help me weave together an understanding of myself and my relationship to the earth from a place of authenticity and empowerment.”


“Camilla has been an answer to my heart’s yearning for a special kind of teacher that can teach in such a unique and evolving way. …our time has allowed me to open to see and know… what is cultivated is deep inner wisdom… and the result is… more trust in myself.” 

— JC, Portland, Oregon

“Yesterday’s ancestor water healing was a deep, rich and humbling success. Much heart-opening and hearing of new voices in unexpected ways. Whenever you would like to feel purposeful; profoundly in the world and on the earth in a way that means something to your life, take part in one of these healing ceremonies.”

— KS

“I feel so supported by Camilla’s calm and wise presence. She deeply understands my spiritual process and that is so meaningful to me. I have really enjoyed and benefited from all our sessions– the shamanic journey [Ancestor Healing Ceremony] a few years ago and the two recent flower essence readings. I wanted to let her know the power of this last remedy. I was … really calm for the first time in a long time. I had a profound insight… It was, as you say, expressing a buried truth. I felt it on a cellular energetic level.”

—PC, Portland, OR

If anyone is feeling stuck, and truly ready to heal past life, ancestral karma and get on with your purpose I highly encourage that you connect with this pure, powerful being. She has been working to heal our planet with so much grace and kindness. When we heal ourselves and break our bad patterns from our family lineage we do, I believe heal our beloved planet Earth. Thank you for allowing me to move and flow in the same beautiful waters.

—CJ, Portland, Oregon

“Welcoming, comforting environment for healing energy to flourish in. I loved my session!”

—ET, Hood River, Oregon

“Thank you again for everything. You are such an amazing, gentle, powerful teacher. I deeply appreciated all of the ways that you connected with the spirits & brought in healing.” 

—RD, Dundee, Oregon

“Camilla’s Nature Spirit Medicine teachings are deeply transformational and inspiring. She merges beautiful ancient traditions with exciting new ways of honoring and connecting with Nature. Her teachings offer a uniquely powerful experience that helps us transition into a new way of being and how we express that in all areas of our lives.”

—BB, Coquille, Oregon

“I am feeling so grateful, blessed and open-hearted after reading the reflections of the lovely Camilla Blossom Bishop‘s [Facebook] on co-creating with nature and all the spirits abound! The unicorns, fairies, and other elementals are just waiting for us to connect with them!!!! Playing and creating in the Unicorn Horseshoe Garden is teaching me where I truly feel alive and connected. I struggle in this world of production and commodification and perfectionism to make space for building my relation with self, spirit, and nature but I am slowly breaking out of the old paradigms and trusting that the universe is guiding me where I need to be! And so often that is just playing and singing and dancing with the fairies and unicorns!!! yah!!! :))))))

—HK, White Salmon, Washington

[on flower essences…] “It is incredible…the peace, excitement, and contentment I feel now. I no longer have the gut feeling that says something isn’t right. It is all falling into place. Flower essences helped me find balance in a way I wasn’t expecting.” 

—M, Hood River, Oregon

“The [Secrets of Ambrella A Magic Mer-Tail] book is sooooo delightful!!!! It is beautiful and playful, full of lush and radiant imagery! I love the ending! Love it all! It flows nicely with the changing seasons that occur and it took me to the water world! Instantly captivated and hooked until the end! I wish it kept going! I want to turn into a mermaid! It was a lot of fun and brought me to a magical place. I needed that.”

—BM, White Salmon, Washington

“What a beautifully written book! This is a visionary story that perceives deep into the nature of water. The words paint images in the mind and open the heart to the beauty of life and love. As a watery being, I feel more connected to an infinitely holy multidimensional world of wonder.”

—LP, Portland, Oregon

“Sweet story! My 6-y.o. Loves it and learned some important lessons about the importance of environmental stewardship.”  

—DD ***** ETSY review