Sacred Spirits of Gaia

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Sacred Spirits of Gaia:

Co-Creating a New Earth with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors, and Spirits of Land

by Camilla Blossom


“As part of my job as Organizer of the Fairy and Human Relations Congress, I have read just about every book on Land Healing out there. This book is one of the best, it shines with Camilla's lived-in wisdom. She inspires you to deepen your connection with Nature, and also gives you the paths and tools to do so. Her language is clear and succinct, you can feel the energy of her allies transmitted through the text. Highly recommended!”

Rich with delightful stories, magical relationships with unseen realms of Nature, mystical spiritual awakenings, and rituals to make your own connections with the spirits of Nature, this book awakens awareness of nature’s intelligence. 

How did I come to dance with the magic of fairies, elementals, ancestors, and sacred spirits of land?

Here is my story. 

Learn how I grew into becoming an intuitive energy healer, flower essence alchemist, planetary lightworker, and land alchemist in service to Gaia and the Elemental Realms.

Most of my adult life, I apprenticed and worked alongside Air and Flower Fairies, Water Mermaids, Earth Gnomes, Fire Dragons, and Elementals.

I share land rituals, ceremony, inspiration, and messages from 44 voices including Fairy Queen, Pan, 13 Spirit Grandmothers, Mountains, Crystals, and Fire Dragons.

It is time for us (humans) to enter our mastery and co-create with the unseen spirits of land, fairies, and elementals of earth, fire, water, and air to restore Gaia and usher in a New Earth consciousness. 


“While I have known Camilla as a practitioner for years and have received many helpful, healing sessions, it wasn't until I read Sacred Spirits of Gaia that I came to understand just how powerful her medicine is. She demonstrates a seemingly effortless ease and comfort in transitioning between the physical realm and that of the guides and spirits she introduces us to in this book. I found it to be written with a humble grace, much humor and playfulness, and a clear, calm voice beckoning others to join in the sacred co-creation of New Earth.”

Book is a companion to: Sacred Spirits of Gaia Oracle Deck & Fairy Activism Coloring Book with artist Andrea Dombecki.

Be inspired to connect with fairies, elementals, ancestors, and spirits of land.

Pick an oracle card and attune to one of 44 beautiful spirits of Gaia. Artwork: Andrea Dombecki

Art from the Sacred Spirits of Gaia for kids of all ages. Artwork: Andrea Dombecki

“Camilla’s rich lived experience and connections with what for many are unseen realms makes all accessible and real.”

An Invitation

The Sacred Spirits of Gaia invite you to join them. Open to their mysteries, be with them, explore who they are, and how you can form joyful relationships with the unseen realms of Nature. 

Now is the time to be co-creating a New Earth as change agents, visionary leaders, fairy ambassadors, earth empaths, lightworkers, and alchemists. 

Relationships are the key to open the door to paradise on earth. 

Open to the part you came here to play in Gaia’s Awakening.

Join me, loved one.

Camilla Blossom

HOST Camilla
• Book Reading or Talk
• Magical PLAYSHOP on your land
• Land Alchemy Ceremony or Event

The land spirits will thank you!

Online Course coming in September 2022…