Your intuitive and feeling sense is the guiding force of the new earth. Nothing can be pushed into being. Only presence will work.

The Grandmothers through Camilla

Open the door and explore your inner-landscape and attune to the frequencies of your soul expression—your true essence.

I warmly invite you to come home to yourself and a fuller relationship with Mother Earth. Receive the wisdom and love of the Grandmothers, the sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth, and all the magical beings of Creation.

Your presence is needed… to guide a new way.


Earth School

Wisdom of Grandmothers ~ Cultivate magical co-creative relationships that honor, clear, and awaken land, water, & the spirit of place. Learn nature-based wisdom teachings through online classes, Mystery School, mentorship, and events.

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Earth Intuitive Energy Healing

Book a private session & awaken to greater joy, harmony, and inner-peace grounded and connected with Nature. Receive nurturing support, comfort, and energy clearing for yourself or your land.

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Flower Essences & Education

Discover new ways to enhance your state of being, emotional healing, or blossoming ascension process. Or, learn to incorporate flower essences into your healing practice through mentorship, my book, cards, kit of flower essences from the pacific northwest.

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We are not here to heal Mother Earth…

we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth.


Believe in Magical Relationships…

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