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Land Devas – How to Connect with Magical Spirit of Land (7 minute video)

3 Energy Healing Packages 20/20

Blossoming Creativity

Magic Nature

Home Harmony



Learn How to Honor Land, Give Back, &

Foster Relationship with the Spirit of Place

Earth School ~ 8 Part OnLine Course!    

Land Honoring

Foundational Practices


What Others Say About Land Honoring Foundational Practices…

“Camilla has created an empowering course of remembering, connection and healing. She invites us to know we are not separate from the Earth and all Creation. Beautiful!” —Kim, Oregon

“Deeply impactful. The information is wonderful and encouraging. This is so gentle yet amazingly powerful. Thank you!”  —Sandy, Texas

“Part 1 is eloquent, clear and concise. All flows gracefully and the build truly engages. Your note on honoring tribal lineages is wonderful acknowledgement of not only cultural appropriation, but of appropriation mongers.” —Claire, Missouri

“I LOVE it!”  —Abby, Oregon

“I am loving this course and so grateful I received it. I LOVED hearing your story in the first installment. It has inspired me in soooo many ways. Powerful. These practices are beautiful and I can feel them already.” —Nichole, Oregon 





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We are not here to heal Mother Earth

We are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth

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