A Message…

Some of my ancestors died in the holocaust. Some of my ancestors were persecuted because they were midwives and witches—herbalists. Others died because they were women.

I must speak out as every citizen of this planet must do at this time of danger. We are facing the same hatred that brought our relations and loved ones to their deaths. This intolerance is not acceptable to me.

I hold new dreams of unity through diversity—a world where we hold hands and love all peoples of all colors, origins, genders, orientations, religious persuasions, and we stand with all Councils of Nature—the animals, creatures, trees, flowers, plants, waters, lands, rocks, crystals, ancestors, elementals, nature spirits, and mystical realms. I hold hands with our celestial brothers and sisters. We are One.

Stand with me. Speak out against intolerance.

—Camilla Blossom Bishop

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