SPRING SPECIAL: Nature Mentoring with Camilla

Live a more intentional, intuitively guided, and magical life…

with Camilla Blossom Bishop by phone or in-person

“Thank you again for everything, you are such an amazing, gentle, powerful teacher. I deeply appreciated all of the ways that you connected with the spirits & brought in healing.” —Rebecca M., Dundee, Oregon

Spring Special: Nature Mentoring for Magic, Prosperity, & Connection

Do you want to live a more intentional, intuitively guided, and magical life?

Nature Mentoring with Camilla offers a unique opportunity to enjoy experiential intuitive guidance and shamanic teachings that are playful and sacred and help you empower yourself and your ability to act on your dreams. Deepen your relationship with nature and bring more magic, abundance, and connections into all your relationships—the flower fairies in your garden, nature spirits of land, business Devas, healing elementals, or personal spirit guides.

You set the intention. Camilla, your spirit guides, and the nature spirits co-create magical explorations and teachings, nature energy transmissions, and nature-connection rituals for your growth and nourishment.  Learn grounding practices, explore new ideas, garden with the fairies, learn to make altars for your land, bring closure and healing to the past, open new doors to ancestral gifts, and inspire your creativity. We will incorporate flower essences, plant spirit medicine, and nature spirit medicine into each session.

Camilla has a depth of knowledge about intuitive energy healing, earth-based shamanic practices, nature spirituality, and honors the beauty of our relationships with the sacred spirit of Nature. Camilla and the nature elementals are waiting for you… they have lots to share and want to help you grow and blossom with a magical abundant life.

Nature Mentoring  $149 3 hours (3 sessions or 3 hrs) Regularly $195

Schedule now or call/text 775-721-0358 

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