For three decades, Camilla Blossom Bishop has been on a healer’s path, reclaiming and cultivating her gifts as a soul midwife, a nature spirit and flower essence alchemist, a landkeeper and land alchemist, a water ceremonialist, a nature intuitive, a writer, and an ascension lightworker. She empowers others to embrace their inner shaman and relationship with nature to foster a sense of home and lineage.

“We are not here to heal Mother Earth… we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth.”

Well of Remembering


Come close

Are you thirsty?

Come, come…

Drink from Grandmother’s well

Grandmother’s well of remembering.


Join me in remembering your soul path

 finding your way

back to love

back to the garden


You are the garden

You are the sunlight

You are the warmth of your longing

and you are the sudden eruption of Truth


Hold yourself dear

Bring yourself close

and experience your divinity

in the spark of your Creation

—Camilla Blossom Bishop