“We are not here to heal the earth.

We are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth”

—Camilla Blossom

Flower Essence Magic: The Alchemy of Transformation

An online self-guided course with monthly group mentorship call to open you to flower healing and communication by journeying with flower essences. Awaken your intuitive awareness, build trust in your knowing, and co-create magical relationships with plant spirits & fairy realms. Free Flower Essence Magic Kit of 9 essences. Enter Your Garden of Abundance, Now!

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Here is an INVITATION to Bloom with Earth Magic & Inner-Peace 

Awaken Co-Creative Relationship with Seen and Unseen Realms of Nature

Journey with Your True Self to Allow Wilder Self-Expression

Honor Land, Water, Plants, Fay, and Sacred Spirits of Gaia

Bring Your Unique Gifts to the World

Be in Service to Self & to Mother Earth’s Ascension

Nature Calls You Home!

In Joy, 

Camilla Blossom 2023

Hi! I’m Camilla


Thank you for visiting!

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my memoir and guide to co-creating in the new earth energies.

Sacred Spirits of Gaia: Co-Creating a New Earth with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors, and Spirits of Land is getting 5-Star reviews on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy reading about my magical meetings with Fairies, Dragons, Devas, Mermaids, Grandmothers, Ancestors, Bigfoot…

Love,  Camilla XO

Land Acknowledgements

I want to respectfully acknowledge and honor the Cowlitz, Chinook, Yakama people and tribes who have stewarded this land in and around Vancouver, Washington through generations. Thank you.

I wish to honor and acknowledge the unseen realms of nature in these lands including elementals, fairies, dragons, nature spirits, and sacred spirits of land, water, plants, mountains, and places. Thank you.

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