“We are not here to heal the earth.

We are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth”

—Camilla Blossom







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Sacred Earth Connection - Foundational Self-Study Course

I warmly invite you to open your relationship with the spirit of Mother Earth and connect with the love, magic, harmony, and peace in Nature. 

Self-Study Land Honoring Course

Hi! I’m Camilla

I am a messenger for the wisdom of the Grandmothers—sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth.  

Mother Earth’s elementals speak through me.

During key points in my life, a nature elemental magically appeared to guide my path and purpose. Each mystical meeting opened a new door.

  • Fairies and devas taught me about healing with flowers and trees and how to make flower essences.
  • Mermaids taught me how to honor and care for sacred water.
  • Gnomes assisting in creating a Findhorn inspired nature sanctuary with a Unicorn Garden.
  • Dragons and Goddess Pele initiated me into passionate fire teachings at an active volcano in Hawaii.

Mother Earth and her elementals are asking to connect with you!

Spirits of land and water want to form co-creative relationship, experience your beautiful light, and receive instructions from humanity as to how to proceed in spiritual earth stewardship.

Land Acknowledgements

I want to respectfully acknowledge and honor the Cowlitz, Chinook, Yakama people and tribes who have stewarded this land in and around Vancouver, Washington through generations. Thank you.

I wish to honor and acknowledge the unseen realms of nature in these lands including elementals, fairies, dragons, nature spirits, and sacred spirits of land, water, plants, mountains, and places. Thank you.

Ready to feel more connected to Nature?

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