Energy Healing Session

1 hour @ $80.00

Camilla is a guide who empowers you to embrace your inner shaman and improve your own relationship with the spirit of nature and Mother Earth. Energy healing sessions can help to heal past life experiences, including family lineage and history, emotional patterns, and feelings of disconnection, as well as other specific issues you may wish to address.

Healing sessions also help to restore chakra or energetic imbalances. Each journey is different, and individuals are encouraged to use their own gifts to lead the way, facilitating greater self awareness and opening the door to new self-healing practices.

Camilla’s sessions incorporate subtle energy transmissions and shamanic, vibrational healing methods with guidance from magical and mystical nature spirits. Any or all of the healing practices below may be included your session:

  • Lemurian healing invokes the energy of light beings of the dolphins, whales, mermaids, mermen, and water elementals that are healing to the heart, womb, and open remembrance of our lineage gifts.
  • Nature spirit alchemy is the process of transforming lead (unconscious beliefs) into abundant golden spiritual consciousness. Nature elementals assist in this healing.
  • Ancestor lineage healing is a earth-based ceremony that brings healing to you, your ancestors, and all your relations, including freeing earthbound ancestral spirits that are trapped or need healing to move on. Camilla will connect you with the gifts of your ancient lineage, releasing old fears, trauma, and distorted patterns in your bloodline.
  • Fairy shamanism connects you with spirits and soul healers from nature and the mystical realms to offer healing and assist in the ongoing healing process.
  • Energy clearing renews your energy system: chakras and protective auric fields. This process brings you back into alignment and clears away energy that doesn’t serve you.

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Flower Essence Session

45 minutes @ $72.00

Flower Essence Session with Custom Formula

In this session, you’ll have a conversation with Camilla that serves as a healing transmission to your spirit guides (masters, angels, nature spirits) and an anchoring of your intention, followed by an intuitive card reading using her Sacred Spirit Deck. Camilla will share intuitive information about each of the wildflowers’ specific healing qualities and create a customized formula just for you. Camilla’s flower essences promote subtle (and often profound) intuition development and emotional healing for life changes, freeing you from negative patterns of behavior and increasing your openness to joy.

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Soul STAR Essence Session

1 hour @ $80.00

Align with Your Soul’s Remembrance

Using channeled energies and transmissions that address personal healing, alignment, awakening, and your highest intentions, Soul STAR Essence sessions create a pathway to awaken your connection to the nature elementals, spirit guides, ancestors, and star family origins that love and support you. You can choose to receive a custom vibrational essence.

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Land Session

1 hour @ $80.00

Clear & Bless Your Home, Office, Land to Create Harmony and Connection to Nature

Are you moving to a new home, moving out of an old home, or simply looking for a new place to make a fresh start? Let me help you work with the land to make it more supportive for you, your family, or your staff. When we honor the spirit of land, the land cares for us in return. I offer energetic land clearing services, making suggestions for how to best deal with challenges, and bring greater magic and harmony to new or old building projects. I can also teach you how to do it yourself! Services are available in-person/on-site or via long-distance (phone) consultations.

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Mentorship Session

1 hour @ $100.00

Mentorship Session & Packages

Embrace your skills and intuition as a Flower Essence Alchemist or Sacred Land Alchemist! Step into your abundant blessings and empower yourself by learning new skills and tools allowing you to feel more confident and clear. Mentorship promotes beautiful, supportive relationships to help you nurture and care for the seeds you have planted, and help them grow and blossom with purpose and joy. I would be honored to hold space and guide you through a process of self-discovery and healing, teaching you the skills, tools, and confidence for your healing practice or life. Throughout our work, we will discuss the rhythm of the course, and align it with your schedule and intentions.

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