Healing Sessions

Elemental Healing & Manifestation 

Nurture Your Inner Fire, Earth, Air, Water

1 hour phone session  $95

Empower passion & creativity with enlightening Fire Dragons. Organize abundant opportunities with Earth Gnomes. Express your true voice in the world with Air Fairies. Heal your emotional body with blissful Water Mermaids. In this session, we will work intuitively with nature’s elemental energies for body balancing, manifestation of your dreams and intentions, healing and clearing transmissions, guidance, and support. Learn how to work co-creatively with elementals for health, well being, and magical opportunities. Custom Elemental Essence optional.

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Flower Essence Formula & Intuitive Energy Healing

Open to More Magic & Joy!

45 minute phone session $72 plus $8 shipping

1 hour phone session $95 plus $8 shipping

Expand your joy and beauty with the medicine of blossoming flowers. Flower essences are an elixir of love and healing frequencies that can be matched up to offer you magnificent healing, peace, and harmony. A flower essence formula and energy healing can ease your life, call forth seamless healing and resolution of old issues and traumas, and help you discover and express your true self. Taking drops of the subtle energy of flowers, plants, gems, elements, and fairy realms raises your vibration frequency and set you on a path of greater joy, abundance, and health—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

You will receive a 2 oz. glass dropper bottle of your custom flower essence formula in the mail.

For over 20 years, Camilla has created flower and other essences including the Columbia River Gorge flower essences, Hawaiian Creation Essences, gem essences, elemental essences, unicorn essences, ancestral and starseed formulas, DNA healing essence, and thousands of formulas for others. In addition, she is a gifted vibrational channel for transmitting nature elemental, fairy realm, plant spirit, and celestial energies into subtle energy medicine for others. In addition to personal healing, flower essence formulas can be created specifically to support and tend land—your home, office, farm, retreat center.

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Soul STAR Transmission

Align with Your Soul’s Remembrance

1 hour phone session @ $95

Using channeled energies and transmissions that address personal healing, alignment, awakening, and your highest intentions, Soul STAR Essence sessions create a pathway to awaken your connection to the nature elementals, spirit guides and ancestors that love and support you. Custom Soul STAR Essence optional.

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Manifesting a New Home

Find Your Magical Place of Belonging

1 hour phone session @ $95

Are you looking for a new home? or land? Ground your magical dreams into reality. Camilla will guide you on a beautiful intuitive process to open relationship with the spirit of your new home or land. She will help you release any blocks to your dreams and offer an intuitive energy alignment and anchoring of your new reality. This session has been very successful in helping people find their new home with ease. Many open to experiences of bliss and joy in the process.

Moving Out? Camilla can help you move out of a home and make sure you leave in a good way. She will offer ways to honor the spirit of the home and gather up all of your energy so you can take it with you and start fresh.

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