Video: Age of Aquarius Essence

This essence was co-created with elemental nature spirits, spirit guides, crystals at the Columbia River exactly on the portal of Winter Solstice 2020. (See photo. The water elementals and devas showed their “fingers”.) And, it was placed under the conjunction of planets Saturn and Jupiter in the night sky so it carries the full frequencies of welcoming the Age of Aquarius.

Taking this essence brings you into alignment with potent new energies of awakening, enlightenment, synchronicity, magic, and higher consciousness represented by this passage. It will help you hold and embody these energies.. and trust you have arrived in the new timeline: the Aquarian Age.

This is what is happening in the transition of integrating new 5D ascension waves, energies, light codes, and in learning how to step up as a creator being. Age of Aquarius essence will support you by nourishing you with light food that your energy body and spirit needs.

In the new era, we are learning to shift from materialism and physical EARTH elemental focus into greater AIR mastery. Opening of the mind and addressing new innovative ways will become the norm. Resistance to moving forward, and resistance to everything, will lessen. Connecting relationship will be emphasized as well as a focus on community versus individualism (we versus me).

Age of Aquarius Essence (Winter Solstice & Conjunction 2000) with flower essences:

  • Western Rhododendron — bright pink forest wildflower to soften into grief and keep your heart open, dance of love and compassion for yourself, help you cultivate beautiful authentic relationships. 4th chakra
  • Dandelion — fosters resilience and a sunny disposition, moves anger and supports all liver functions and digestive fire, relaxes and loosens tension from physical body. 3rd chakra
  • Amethyst — purple gemstone to support a calm, clear, quiet mind, and 3rd eye intuition and clairvoyance. Created with a vibrant purple lily (Ballhead Clusterlily). 6th chakra

2 oz. frosted glass dropper stock bottle. Vibrational essence in brandy and water. Glycerin upon request.

Suggested use: 4 drops 4X per day or as needed in drinking water or directly under the tongue. Gift 4 drops to Mother Earth’s lands and waters.

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Hi, I am Camilla. I am a medicine woman, land alchemist, flower essence alchemist, spiritual way shower, mentor, and messenger for the wisdom of the Grandmothers, Divine Mother, and sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth. I open and catalyze relationships with sacred spirits of Gaia including nature's Elementals, Fairy, Sidhe, Dragons, Mermaids, Gnomes, Ancestors, lands and waters. I offer online Land Alchemy course, Flower Essence Magic course, mentorship, and a Patreon Portal to empower your energetic and spiritual connection, care, and honoring of Mother Earth.

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