Unicorn Garden Club

Grow a Lighter Heart… Let Your Imagination Soar

The Unicorn Garden Club is a virtual 5D multidimensional community and support system to help your light-heartedness grow.

Learn new, fun ways to… 

…  journey with fairies, magical, and nature spirit realms

…  listen to the spirit of nature

… connect with the spirit of nature

Feel more free as you connect with your imagination and allow the unseen realms to help you. Receive support and lighten your heart with the unicorns, fairies, mermaids, dolphins, whales, gnomes, and dragons.


Membership includes:

• Energetic transmissions for members every month. These will come automatically to you through the ethers.

• MP3 audios and/or youtube videos are emailed to you with meditations, teachings, songs, rituals, and activities.

• Optional conference calls, Facebook group and website to connect with other magical journeyers in community.



Buy Now Button on-going monthly subscription to Unicorn Garden Club   $24/monthly*  

*PayPal account holders can sign up here. If you are not a Paypal account holder and want to pay by credit card please email me and I will invoice you monthly through Square Cash. camillablossom1111 @ gmail.com)

You are free to cancel at anytime. Unsubscribe here.