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Welcome to Land Healer Training!

I am thrilled you are choosing to deepen your engagement with the lands and waters of Mother Earth. This is an exciting time to be gathering our talents, skills, intuitive gifts and sharing the way we can weave magic and harmony for the earth in community and for our expanding solo work.

It is also exciting to invite you to Earth School’s new Memberpress online course format so all our teaching materials, videos, audios, etc. will be in one easy-to-access location. Once you get signed up, it is the place to find all the video replays and any course materials I will be discussing when we are in class.

To prepare for the first class, please spend a little time considering your intentions for the training. Make an offering of flowers, honey, milk, mica, or crystals to Mother Earth with your prayers and ask permission to begin this path and work with the spirits of the lands and waters.

Please contact me with any questions or assistance at 775-721-0358 or

My heart feels happy to know we will be gathering in circle soon.

Many Blessings!