Sacred Earth Connection – Introduction

Earth School ~ Grandmother Wisdom


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Joyful Practices ~ Course Checklist pdf

Please follow your own personal rhythms, cycles, and flow of energy as you take this course. The Course Checklist pdf above will help you track your progress through 8 parts divided into 33 sections. There is a Rest & Reflect time at the conclusion of each part to allow full integration of the material. Written materials, videos, audios, links, tools, intuitive techniques, attunement, and land rituals will offer you access to a full range of teachings, earth-wisdom, and opportunities for expanded awareness for your land honoring practices.

1. Opening The Doorway – Mother Earth Relationship 

2. Honoring Indigenous Ancestors & Native Land

3. Sacred Body Energy Alignment

4. Tools & Techniques—Pendulum, Flower Essences, Sound Vibration, Crystals

5. Giving Offerings & Asking Permission

6. Cultivating Relations with Spirits of Land

7. Honoring Water

8. Altars & Land Honoring Ceremony ~ Conclusion

Awaken a more conscious, co-creative, and respectful relationship with the spirit of land. We will be engaging in magical encounters with devas, elementals, fairies, nature spirits, Ancestors, and Mother Earth. There will be opportunities to mend and heal your relationship with Mother Earth and your own body. Learn important foundational practices to honor land, and yourself, that will open you to the subtle energies and magic of nature’s seen and unseen realms. You’ll love the tools, intuitive techniques, and land rituals to offer energy clearing, harmonize spaces and places, express your unique soul gifts, and offer love for the lands and waters. You will awaken new connections, new experiences, new awareness, and new ways to be and interact with Nature. As you practice these rituals and open awareness, confidence in your ability to honor land and connect in relationship with the subtle energy and spirit of land will grow. Conscious co-creative relationships will form, grow, and even blossom into beautiful experiences of belonging, harmony, centeredness, and joy in life.

I invite you now to focus your intentions for the course so you will receive the teachings in a way that meets your highest purpose and joy. I addition, I welcome you to find the most harmonious rhythm, or pace, for taking this course. Honor your timing and what feels perfect for you and your body.


I highly recommend you purchase the Land Honoring Kit or gather your own tools. The Land Honoring Kit is a land altar kit that includes all the sacred offerings you need to honor land and spirits. This powerful land alter prepared to create healing and openings for both personal and planetary healing. The kit is also a way to “diagnose” or tune into what energies the land needs. It’s a treasure box that will take your work deeper, enrich your experience, and enable you to give back to the earth in a hands-on way. The kit is easy to use, and it happens to be FUN! 

Journaling — Set Your Intentions 

Write down your intention for the course in a journal dedicated to land honoring. What would be the most magical and joyful process to engage in with the earth? What would be the most beneficial outcome you could possibly dream? This will allow the Grandmothers, Mother Earth, elementals, and spirits of land to know your heart and gather the energy around you so you can relax, enjoy the course, and know your outcome will manifest. This course is set up to meet you wherever you are. Enjoy the course and welcome to more harmonious relationships and magical encounters with the spirits of land.

Key Principles of Earth School pdf

Glossary of Terms pdf

Contact Information pdf

 “We are not here to heal Mother Earth…

we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth.”

—Camilla Blossom

I Honor the Teachers, Ancestors, All Traditions

I honor all traditions and practices as I share my offerings and wisdom teachings. I give thanks for all my teachers and elders and their rich ancient traditions. I bring my offerings of love, gratitude and respect to all lands, tribes, people, ancestors, traditions, spirits. I suggest that you explore what way works best for you in developing your relationship with land and nature. Most important is finding your own energetic and/or spiritual connection with heaven (Source, Sun, Creator, Goddess, God, All There is…) and earth because you are a conduit, a rainbow bridge, between heaven and earth.

These teachings offer a way to walk your own path of beauty and discover your soul gifts by deepening your relationship with Mother Earth. I welcome you to find that luminous place within yourself and the land where you experience Oneness and connection. Open your inner wisdom and awaken your inner-shaman, wise woman, and/or earth alchemist. You will get to take more time to listen to the lands and maybe even hear the old stories from which traditions, customs, cultures, nations, religions formed. Foster new relations with the spiritual ancestors of the people that walked and cared for this land before. You will learn how to respectfully honor the First People, tribes, and communities who stewarded this land through generations. You are invited to reclaim your own true nature as part of the forest, ocean, mountains. Let us join together and listen, see, and remember what is needed to co-create beauty and healing for our planet. Thank you for showing up!

In Gratitude!

I want to thank all my teachers, ancestors, helper spirits, and guides from many different physical, magical, and spiritual realms. To name a few, thank you Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack, Grandmothers Judith K. Moore, Marie Alice Campos Freire, Flordemayo, Agnes Baker Pilgrim, the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, Spirit Council of Thirteen Grandmothers, Lemurian Grandmothers, Celtic Grandmothers, Sidhe Fairy Queen, Elementals, Fairy Realms, and numerous others.

with Love,


My Story ~ Magical Elemental Meetings (10 minutes)

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