Unicorns & Rainbows Essence – Imagination


Awaken your imagination. Live out your dreams. Free shipping in US.


Awaken your imagination. Live out your dreams. Magical soul healer unicorns created this vibrational essence to help you keep your intentions spirally upwards into higher dimensions and positive realities. Use this essence and your imagination to co-create the life of your dreams.


Unicorn Channeling – specific vibrational energies, love, and light to support your process of soul healing, dissolving trauma, blocks, fear and open states of imagining, be-ing, bliss, beauty, and love

Rainbows – live in states of balance, health, wellbeing, enjoy full spectrum expression of self, nature, and Gaia, energy body balancing, attract magical opportunities and relationships

Glacier Lily – gentle spirited flower fairy for self-expression, come out of hiding, be seen, dance with joy in life, embrace feminine aspects

Bird of Paradise – Maui flower essence for emergence, Phoenix Rising, movement of the Divine from the mundane, release shock of radical departure from old ways/beliefs.

Dragonroot (Western Solomon Seal) – spinal alignment, soul retrieval.

Oregon Opal Gem Essence – awaken your imagination, create your dreams, align with beauty, access more energy

Citrine Gem Essence – abundance, solar plexus chakra glow

Suggested Use: Four drops 3X day in water, bath, under tongue for 28 days or as needed.

For Land/Water: To cleanse, clear, balance, harmonize energy or make an offering, place four drops on ley lines, portals, land, and in waterways.

2 oz. frosted glass dropper bottle (stock) with flower essence in water and brandy as preservative (vegetable glycerin upon request).

Free shipping in USA.

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