2 Stargate Essences 2020


Two Stargate Essences created April 3 & April 4th as a Gateway into New Earth’s ascension. Free Shipping.


Two Stargate Essences were created as a doorway into New Earth Ascension light frequencies. They were created on a Mother Earth healing portal in Washington state. Use these essences to support ascension and/or to emotional healing process. And, offer them back to Mother Earth as needed vibrational medicine in places of congestion.

SONG OF CREATION 3/4/2020—Opening the Star Gateway

Awaken to harmonics of the New Earth—energies of golden, pink, rainbow healing consciousness. All beings of Creation sang their light languages to awaken our remembering.

STARGATE 4/4/2020—Solar Surrender

Receive codes of the light emitted from the consciousness of the Sun, Great Central Sun, Cosmic Sun. Allow yourself to surrender and reclaim the energies of love and who you be.


Two 2 oz. glass dropper bottles with vibrational essence preserved with brandy (or glycerine upon request).

Take the essences together or take Song or Creation first and take Stargate as a completion, container, and integration essences.

Use essences for personal use and on the land, in the waterways, in the garden, and on altars.

Essences can be taken by placing 5 drops in drinking water or directly under the tongue. Take 3-4 times per day.