Saguaro – Flower Essence – father healing/free worry


Saguaro heals father issues and relationship to the masculine aspects. Essence offers freedom from worry. Free shipping in US.


From the Sonora Desert of Arizona this energetic, spiritual, magical cacti essence can heal father issues or relationship to masculine aspects—Spiritual Father, Earthly Father, Father Sky, male authority, patriarchy, inner male. Heals analytical left brain, heart, and solar plexus to build new ways of confidence through shining of your inner-sun (3rd chakra). Saguaro medicine wants to reform… make changes to improve things. The essence may help to stop worry and projecting fears into the future.


Suggested use: Four drops 3X day in water, bath, under tongue for 28 days.

For land: Cleanses ley lines—energy lines of Mother Earth. Place four drops on ley lines, vortexes, or in waterways as needed.

2 oz. frosted glass dropper bottle (stock) with flower essence in water and brandy as preservative (glycerine upon request.) Free shipping in US.

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