Flower Essence Kit = Book + Deck + 44 Flower Essences


44 Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences in 2 box set + Sacred Spirit Deck + book: Sacred Spirit of The Gorge Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place. Free USA shipping.



Sacred Spirits Flower Essence Kit:

  • 44 Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences in 2-box set
  • Deck: Sacred Spirit Deck by Camilla Blossom Bishop
  • Book: Sacred Spirit of The Gorge Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place by Camilla Blossom Bishop

44 Flower/Place     Latin Name                Affirmation

Angelica Angelica genuflect I am an Earth Angel

Ball-head Waterleaf Hydrophyllum capitatum var. thompsoniiI open to the flow of life

BalsamrootBalsamorhiza sagittataI grow into my full potential

Barrett’s PenstemonPenstemon barrettiaeI know I can fly

Beacon Rock I honor the sacred lands and walk with The Ancestors

Bleeding HeartDicentra formosaI cleanse my heart with love

ButtercupRanunculus reconditusIt’s time to play!

California PoppyEschscholzia californicaI love myself; I value myself

CamasCamassia quamashI am open to everything, attached to nothing

Catherine Creek Arch I am a bridge to the cosmos

Desert Sage Artemisia tridentata I hold sacred space

Fairy Slipper Orchid Calypso bulbosa  I open to new adventures

Foxglove Digitalis purpurea Emotional vulnerability is a gift

Green Bog Orchid Platanthera aquilonisI align with the heart of Mother Earth

Heart-leaf BuckwheatEriogonum compositum var. compositumI am comfortable with change

LarkspurDelphinium nuttallianumI delight in my true voice

Mock Orange Philadelphus lewisii  I am one-of-a-kind

Moss Nature hugs me with her love

Mt Hood (Wy’east) I ground and align with the crystalline grid of the mountain

Mt Hood Lily Lillium Cascadia I claim my divine beauty and space

Mullein Verbascum thapsusI am still in order to listen

Multnomah Falls I am the pure and precious essence of love

Ocean SprayHolodiscus discolorI flow with grace

Oregon GrapeBerberis aquifoliumI trust in myself

Oregon OakQuercus garryannaI am strong in purpose & joy

Phantom OrchidEburophyton austiniae I remove all blocks & interference

Poet’s Shooting StarDodecatheon poeticumI am fully present

Ponderosa Pine Pinus ponderosaI trust all is well

Pungent Desert ParsleyLomatium grayiiI awaken to my true self

Queen Bead Lily Clintonia uniflora I am a Queen of the Light

Red Columbine Aquilegia formosaI free my will

Red-flowering CurrantRibes sanguineumI am supported

Silky Lupine Lupinus sericeus I focus my mind

The Columbia River The sacred journey of the heart begins at my source and flows into an ocean of oneness

The Forest I walk deeper into my heart to feel who I am

Tiger Lily Lilium columbianumCreating is my power

Trillium Trillium ovatumI rebirth my feminine

Wahclella Falls I birth myself anew in the presence of the nature spirits

Western Redcedar Thuja plicata I am a Tree of Life

Western Rhododendron Rhododendron macrophyllum I enhance my experience of compassion

White Salmon River I remember! I am wild and free

Wild Rose Rosa pisocarpa I am passionate about life

Willow Salix spp.I flow with forgiveness

YarrowAchillea millefoliumI am pure & strong


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