Plant Medicine Grandmother Essence 10


Connect with the plant medicine and knowledge of Gaia Mother Earth. Taking this essence will offer you energy frequencies of the magic of co-creating with earth. Free shipping in US.


Pei Yah, 10th Grandmother – Guardian of Earth Knowledge + Plant Medicines

Connect with the plant medicine and knowledge of Gaia Mother Earth. Taking this essence will offer you energy frequencies of the magic of co-creating with earth.

You can become more aware of how to co-create with plants, stones, earth, and sacred spirits of Gaia. It helps you to anchor new roles such as guardianship and protector of Gaia Mother Earth as you learn to walk on Earth as a Creator, a God, a Manifestor, Magician, Alchemist in the new frequencies.

Plants are powerful Spirit Beings. They are not just something you take to get well. They are elements of the Power of Creation. Plants are intelligent. You can communicate with them. Grandmother Pei Yah can show you how to energetically, spiritually, and magically open to plant communication. Grandmother says, “Plant medicines talk to your body when you ask them for help. They know how to talk to the spirits that make people ill.”

Grandmother Pei Yah opens access to your ancient ancestors and the Faery Realm ancestors through a Larch forest in pacific northwest where a 900-year-old-tree Larch trees grows… with great confidence. This forest is a powerful portal and fairy highway. Tap into the powerful ancient energy of this conduit between heaven and earth.


Your KIN is Nature.

Your DNA knows this.

Your Ancestors lived this.

And now is our time to remember this


Message from Pei Yah (through Camilla Blossom)

“Water is one of the places you can access Earth Knowledge. It will not come to you like book knowledge. This is living, breathing knowledge that changes your cells, your alignment, your DNA. Drink, honor, bless the wild waters to access greater wisdom, peace, and remembering of how your ancestors walked-as-one with the Elemental Realms of Mother Earth. We carry this Truth in our bones. We have been covered over, covered up in artificial systems of a “civilization” that has entered its fall. Keep going inward with Nature in Nature to request clarity, find your way when lost, remember when you forget.”



  • Channeled essence of Pei Yah Plant Medicine Grandmother
  • Sacred waters — holy waters of Gaia
  • Larch Tree — Larch tree instills you with the confidence to stand tall and strong and remember why you came to earth. Remember and open to your lineage gifts, inner-wisdom, and beautiful relationships with the natural world—seen and unseen.
  • White Violet — Supportive for super sensitive, empathic, and intuitive souls who are very affected by the environment around them. White Violet flower essence will help your sweet, delicate, shy, or hidden self, emerge and open to express. It welcomes allowing vulnerability to be a gift in opening your nature relationships.

Suggested Use: Four drops 3X day in water, bath, under tongue for 28 days or as needed.

For Land/Water: To cleanse, clear, balance, harmonize energy or make an offering, place four drops on ley lines, portals, land, and in waterways.

2 oz. frosted glass dropper bottle (stock) with flower essence in water and brandy as preservative (vegetable glycerin upon request).

Free shipping in USA.

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