Pink Yarrow – Flower Essence – empath remedy


Offers protection for energetically sensitive and overly compassionate souls that tend to absorb energies, thoughts, and emotions of others. Free shipping in US.


Achillea millefolium var. rose  

Wonderful remedy for healers, empaths, sensitives, intuitive, psychics, caretakers, and other compassionate souls that tend to absorb the energy, thoughts, and emotions of others easily because they don’t want others to suffer or struggle.

Pink Yarrow helps you create clearer energetic boundaries as to what is yours and what is not.

This is a remedy for healing of co-dependent tendencies too. It helps you claim your own integrity and essence in all types of relationships. If you give too much of yourself in relationships, this remedy will help.

It is very healing for the heart and soothing for those who are very sensitive to energy especially during these shifting times.