Peace Grandmother Essence


Feel a sense of lightness, innocence, and freedom in your soul and body as you work with Peace Grandmother Wawa Shawey. Fill yourself with peaceful, pure, high vibrational energy. Free shipping in US.


Wawa Shawey Grandmother of Peace and White Animals offers you a sense of lightness, innocence, and freedom in your soul and body. Fill yourself with peaceful, pure, high vibrational energy. This essence is very balancing, harmonizing, and cleanings for the physical and energy body including your auric field. It celebrates the marriage of fire and water—Grandmother and Grandfather, and welcomes the expression of your free spirit through surrender and trust.

Practice more peaceful witnessing and peace in action—both aspects of peace. One is passive one is active. This essence can bring more awareness to your way of walking with peace or new ways of reclaiming your true essence. This essence carries refined white light (all the colors) with a sense of hope and joy of all colors, all races, living as one. It anchors our crystalline, solar body in the new earth.

Peace Grandmother Essence can help you see where any shadows exist that keeps you from deeper peace. What are your inner conflicts, resistance, fears, drama, control, beliefs, expectations, distancing relationships? Grandmother loves and holds you compassionately without judgement.

The pure medicine and love of the white animals is held in this essence. These white animals are calls to spirit and bring us a deep sense of hope and promise for the future. Animals can reach our hearts in ways that other relationships can’t. Seeing pictures and learning about the white animals can enhance your experiences.

The 13 Spirit Grandmother Essences infuse you with Peace, Unity, and Hope for a New Earth. This essence was created in Earth School’s Grandmother Lodge and holds the energy of peace and pure love of Wawa Shawey, Peace Grandmother. See the book Visions of Wisdom: Messages from the Spirit Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers, Dolphins & Whales Publishing, by Judith K. Moore & Sean Sands.

  • Channeled vibrational essence of Peace Grandmother, White Buffalo Calf Woman, White Animals including the White Mother Whale and Peace Dove.
  • Calla Lily – Inner-marriage of masculine/feminine aspects, purification and spiritualization of sexuality, body, past memories
  • Hibiscus – Receptivity, learn how to deeply honor your body. “My flower essence is like me, open and receptive to the sky and heavens—dynamically receiving, beautifully expressive, and honoring of full body experiences. Take ownership!Dance into your life. Reclaim life’s full energy and delight.”
  • Twin Flower- Foster healthy heart-centered communication in relationship
  • Peridot (Olivine) – Green, glassy gemstone created in volcanoes, supports growth and change
  • Oregon Opal- Enhances sense of beauty especially in our auric field, remedy for exhaustion
  • White Salmon River- Live wild and free (once again), flowing with life-force and joy

2 oz. frosted glass dropper stock bottle. Vibrational essences in brandy and water. Glycerin upon request.

Suggested use: 4 drops 4X per day, 4 drops before meditation, or as needed in drinking water or directly under the tongue. Gift 4 drops to Mother Earth’s lands and waters. Earth School