Mermaid Attunement – Video Class


Attune with your inner-Mermaid and meet your Mermaid guides as you activate inner-healing and learn how to work with mermaids. Enliven your mermaid relationships to brighten your effervescent nature & feel more pleasure. 2 hour video class.


In this Sacred Earth Spirit Attunement with MERMAIDS, you will Flow with Pleasure & Creativity and practice being Effervescent. We’ll open buried treasures within and let our creativity pour out with luminosity and pearlessence. I will share a guided meditative ATTUNEMENT to connect you with your Mer—Mermaid/Merman.

Attune to the magical earth spirits—fairies, elementals, devas, Ancestors, trees, flowers, crystals, Grandmothers, seen and unseen realms of nature.This new series of EARTH SCHOOL classes will initiate you into the subtle realms of Nature so you can open to more magic and feel aligned with your truth and wellbeing.

• Learn about sacred earth spirits and how they want you to connect with them in ritual, meditation, in the forest, mountains, or by the sea.

• We will go deep into meditation and discovery with each of the Earth Spirits we meet.

• You will receive a delicious new relationship opportunity here that ushers in healing, companionship, co-creative manifestation, delight, and assistance and support in your life.

Earth Spirit wants your love and connection and they are ready to hear our INSTRUCTIONS as luminous humans in how we can work in Land Council to restore land, water, and Mother Earth’s sacred places.

Connect more deeply with the beauty and sacred lands of Mother Earth and how you can step into offering land ritual, earth tending, planetary healing work, and spiritual stewardship of Mother Earth.

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