Mary Magdalene ~ Absolution Annointing Oil


Absolution of sacred feminine soul wounds to reclaim your true birthright. Anoint your sacred body—your feet, womb, heart to receive forgiveness, compassion, heal your lineages, and release attachments to the past. Free shipping in USA.


Absolution of sacred feminine soul wounds to reclaim your true birthright.

Google dictionary: Absolution is the formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment.

Mary Magdalene is a Goddess for all especially women (or inner-feminine) who have known shame. She was shamed, judged, and blamed.

Mary Magdalene did not need Absolution from Jesus for her “sins” or “wrong-doing”…. she needed Absolution from what was projected onto her from religious and patriarchal distortions to her birthright as a woman.

A different story has emerged that Mary Magdalene stood in equal spiritual partnership with Jesus, in marriage. Mary and Jesus had children together. Their lineage is inter-woven with the Sidhe, the Fairy Race and lives on as Christ Consciousness. Mary considered herself to be a “lightning bolt” from Isis, the Earth Mother Goddess.

Through it all, Mary Magdalene stood tall in her own Truth and the Truth of God. She never wavered from her Faith and trust in God’s plan for her life.

As a Goddess, she helps us shine a light on our own shadows to bring love, light, and healing to what has been judged or projected onto us.

She gifted me with a bundle of her healing frequencies to be encoded into her Absolution Oil with a special recipe of flower and plant oils and essences.

  • Receive her sacred blessing when you smell the rose of her Love.
  • Allow Absolution Oil to release shamed lineages of women or the feminine.
  • Align and integrate your feminine/masculine, being/doing, creation/action, and polarities into cohesion, balance, and wholeness.

Directions: Create sacred space and create a ritual by anointing your sacred body with Absolution Oil: your feet, womb, heart, throat (I like to draw a cross with the oil applicator) to receive forgiveness, compassion, heal lineages, and release attachments to the past.

Invite Mary Magdalene to absolve you of what your soul (and your ancestors) carried forward…

Note: This natural oil is a vibrational frequency medicine and works on your subtle energy body. It is not meant to be a perfume or fragrance oil that lasts over time. Even after the fragrance fades, it is working vibrationally.

My Story:

  • Years ago, during a breath-work session, I had a vision of what I was told was “the wound-of-the-world.” It looked like a large scabby wound. I was told Frankincense would heal our individual and collective wounds.
  • Mary Magdalene came to me during a healing session and gave me her bundle: She asked me to create an Absolution Oil to anoint our feet. She asked for it to contain new energies, new oils (not Spikenard essential oil), flower and gem essences, as a new alchemical blend.
  • Mary Magdalene Absolution Oil was co-created on a portal day: 1/1/22.

Ingredients: Highest quality, 100% natural essential oils and absolutes: White Rose abs, Red Rose abs., Frankincense, Cedar, Fennel; Flower Essences Iris, etc, Gem Elixir of Gold; soul healing vibrations from Mary Magdalene in jojoba carrier.

Clear glass roll-on bottle 10 ml (approx. 1/3 oz.) with silver cap.

Camilla is a Certified Aromatherapist since 1997, Flower Essence Alchemist since 2000.

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