Lemurian Mermaids & Water Elementals – Audio/Handout/Book


Meet your mermaid. Open your intuition. Awaken more pleasure. Deepen your awareness of the spirit of water and your feeling nature. Give back to Mother Earth’s precious waters. Audios, Handouts, Mer Book.


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Meet your mermaid. Open your intuition. Awaken more pleasure. Deepen your awareness of the spirit of water and your feeling nature. Give back to Mother Earth’s precious waters.

The spirit of water reflects your truest self. Meet your heart and truest feelings when you meet the water elementals and mermaids. Here’s an opportunity to dive deeper into your watery nature and open your crystalline eyes to new perception. Open your communication with your personal mermaid and receive special gifts through this relationship.

Downloadable files:

• Lemurian Mermaid Teachings & Guided Journey to Meet Your Mermaid – Audios

• Handout

• BONUS: E-Book Secrets of Ambrella: A Magic Mer-tail (pdf)

Be uplifted through transmissions of Lemurian Mer energy and codes of light. Receive the healing and re-patterning from the mermaids, dolphins, and whales from this Golden Age. Remember who you are as a soul through opening to pleasure and joy. Learn ways to give back to the waters and be of service to Mother Earth.

In this online class, you will receive Lemurian mermaid teachings, energetic elemental transmissions, body balancing, mermaid stories, water honoring practices, empathic support, and more.

In Lemurian Mermaid Water Elementals, you will …

• Meet your mermaid and begin/refresh a personal relationship.

• Open your intuition through Lemurian Mermaid activations.

• Awaken more pleasure through mermaid teachings and stories.

• Deepen your awareness of the spirit of water and your feeling nature.

• Give back to Mother Earth’s precious waters through water-based shamanic practices.



Free 62 page e-book

Secrets of Ambrella: A Magic Mer-tail

by Camilla Blossom Bishop

Dive deeply into the magical realms with Cammy after she meets a mermaid friend Ambrella, Ambre for short. Secrets of Ambrella: A Magic Mer-tail is a visionary story that perceives deep into the nature of water. It teaches, delights, and inspires children of all ages to care about the spirit of water… and become a loving steward for the earth.


“I just finished the beautiful guided meditation which I loved. I did meet my Mermaid guide, Aquila. I experienced her before I saw her as she undulated through the waters at the South Pole. As I continued to allow her presence to fully present itself, I could see, in my mind’s eye, the incredible luxuriant, iridescent colors of turquoise, purple, royal blue, indigo blue, pink and silvery-gold of her body. I never truly saw her face except for the white, ruffled edged head band of seashells around her forehead holding back her dark brown hair. It was magical. The meditation was wonderful, and I will treasure it and use it whenever I need to go deeper in my meditations.”  
—Sandy Dinwiddie, Texas


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