Land Honoring Kit


The Land Honoring Kit includes all the sacred offerings you need for honoring land, waters, and spirits—flower essences, elemental essences, cards, crystals, carry pouches, and bag of mica. Free Shipping.



The Land Honoring Kit includes all the sacred offerings you need to honor land, water, and nature spirits. I have chosen frequencies of essences that Gaia is asking for to heal and awaken and harmonize the earth and the elemental and ancestral spirits presence.

The cards make it easy to select what to offer the land and spirits. You can “diagnose” or tune into what energies the land needs.

The kit is a treasure box that will take your land work deeper, enrich your experience, and enable you to give back to the earth in a hands-on way.

The kit is easy to use, and it happens to be FUN! 

The Land Honoring Kit includes…

Cards: 12 oracle cards to help you choose what offerings to give

Crystals: Quartz crystals for you altar or to give as offerings to land and water

Flower & Gem Essences: Offer drops of frequency medicine to land—California Poppy, Green Bog Orchid, Western Redcedar, Yarrow, Herkimer Diamond (1/2 oz blue bottles)

Elementals Essences: Balance the elements on land with offerings of essences—Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether (1/2 oz blue bottles)

Mica: Bag of mica (natural glitter) for the Ancestors and the Fairies of land. 

Pouches: 2 cloth pouches to carry your essences & a pouch for the whole kit.


Land Honoring Kit is like a land altar in a pouch you can take out on the land for land honoring.

Free Shipping in USA.

Out of USA, I can quote and invoice for extra shipping fee.

Allow 3 weeks delivery. Thank you!


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