Bundle ~ Sacred Earth Connection & Land Honoring Kit


Bundle: Sacred Earth Connection 8-Part Online Course + Land Honoring Kit (free shipping in USA).

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Sacred Earth Connection Self-Study Online Course with Land Honoring Kit

Discover Your Intuitive Gifts in Relationship with Ancestors, Fairies, & Spirits of Land

Sacred Earth Connection is an uplifting, fun, and supportive 8-PART Online Course where you will learn to deepen your intuition and enlighten your soul purpose in connection to land, nature, and Mother Earth. Gain the confidence to step further into service as a spiritual earth steward.  

These fun and focused teachings will bring more joy and delight in your interactions with nature as a participating conscious co-creator in Earth’s ascension and rebirth. Get ready for intuitive awakening, uncovering your inner magic, and remembering your soul gifts, dear soul friend. 

This course of earth connection and devotion is self-directed. All 8 parts are instantly accessible anytime online, whether through your mobile, computer, or tablet.   

Awaken Your Soul’s Remembering by Connecting More Deeply with Mother Earth

Sign up anytime. Learn at your own pace from home using videos, audios, written materials, attunements, land rituals, and intuitive techniques you can access anytime from anywhere.

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This course is an updated and expanded version of Land Honoring Foundational Practices

Land Honoring Kit

The Land Honoring Kit includes all the sacred offerings you need to honor land and spirits. The kit is also a way to “diagnose” or tune into what energies the land needs. It’s a treasure box that will take your work deeper, enrich your experience, and enable you to give back to the earth in a hands-on way. The kit is easy to use, and it happens to be FUN! 

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After you order, you will receive a pdf document with Passwords and information to access the course anytime from anywhere.

Allow 3 week delivery for Land Honoring Kit shipment.

Orders out of USA, I can quote and bill you extra shipping fee.

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