Know Thy Fairy Self – Video Class


Explore your fairy lineage with Andrea Dombecki and Camilla Blossom. Two-hour video.


Explore your fairy lineage.

Let’s activate our fairy self!

It’s time to co-create a new future, a new earth, a new life by honoring and embodying our origins and opening to our fairy self and kin. This is how Mother Earth will heal—when we remember who we are and why we are here. 

Join us as we hold sacred space to journey back through time and space to our origins and homelands so we can re-awaken our Fairy and Elemental Self and dream back our knowing, magic, and beauty. 

Heal Thy Fairy Self 

Highlights of what you will experience in the class…  

  • Energetic attunements and activation of Fairy and Sidhe spiritual gifts. Permission to allow your fairy gifts and creative imagination to flourish.  
  • Guided meditation – soul retrieval journey of soul memories to reclaiming inner knowing, wisdom and fairy knowledge in your bones.
  • Map ancestry back to homelands. Journey to ancient fairy worlds of Elysium, Tir Na Nog, Avalon, Lemuria, Atlantis, other cosmic planets and times. Explore how it is connected to your human ancestry and homeland countries on earth.
  • Invoke flower and plant spirits to serve as catalysts and nature spirit guides for fairy travels.
  • DNA activation, energetic re-alignment, and healing rainbow fairy gifts activation in hand chakras and nervous system.  
  • Permission to be your magical fairy self. Persecution healing and clearing of interference, old fears, beliefs, distortions, contracts.
  • Activate your artistic creativity and healing abilities – Tree Healing, Fairy Arts, Storytelling, Herbal Gifts, Crafting, Elvin Star Healing, Stone Whispering, Flower Alchemy, Earth Empathy, Dreaming, Oracle Reading…

Join us for a multidimensional magical journey into Fairylands from which you came. Open to meeting Fairy soul family, fairy spirit guides, and your true Fairy Self in your inner landscape of magic and unlimited creativity. 

Andrea Dombecki is an angel reader, fairy intuitive, energy healer, and artist with a lifelong passion for spiritual healing. Her channeling abilities opened at a young age, and over the years, she developed her skills for self-healing and eventually started to offer her intuitive healing abilities to help others better their lives. She loves to work with the fairies to explore our magical earth connection and to awaken to higher levels of kindness and creativity.

Earth School

Two-hour video recording of EARTH SCHOOL event .

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