Hibiscus – Flower Essence – honor body


Opens ways to be more receptive to allowing pleasure in the body, sharing self-expression, reclaiming sense of beauty, sexuality, and vulnerability. Free shipping in US.


Reclaim your beauty, sexuality, and embodied pleasure of self-expression by deeply honoring your body. Dance into life with delight. Practice being open and receptive to the sky and heavens—dynamically receiving and honoring full body experiences.

“I deeply honor my body” 
“My flower essence is like me, open and receptive to the sky and heavens—dynamically receiving, beautifully expressive, and honoring of full body experiences. Take ownership!
“Dance into your life. Reclaim life’s full energy and delight.”


Suggested Use: Four drops 3X day in water, bath, under tongue for 28 days or as needed.

For Land/Water: To cleanse, clear, balance, harmonize energy or make an offering, place four drops on ley lines, portals, land, and in waterways.

2 oz. frosted glass dropper bottle (stock) with flower essence in water and brandy as preservative (vegetable glycerin upon request).

Free shipping in USA.