Flower Essence Book + Oracle Deck


Learn the wildflowers of the pacific northwest and their emotional healing properties as you do oracle readings. Inspire more joy and flowering nature connection in your day. Free shipping.


Learn the wildflowers of the pacific northwest and their healing properties as you do oracle readings. Inspire more joy and flowering nature connection in your day.

Sacred Spirit Deck – 44 wildflower photograph oracle cards with wildflower affirmations.

Sacred Spirit of The Gorge ~ Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place – everything you need to know about flower essences, their healing properties, and case stories.

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44 Flower/Place     Latin Name                Affirmation

Angelica Angelica genuflect I am an Earth Angel

Ball-head Waterleaf Hydrophyllum capitatum var. thompsoniiI open to the flow of life

BalsamrootBalsamorhiza sagittataI grow into my full potential

Barrett’s PenstemonPenstemon barrettiaeI know I can fly

Beacon Rock I honor the sacred lands and walk with The Ancestors

Bleeding HeartDicentra formosaI cleanse my heart with love

ButtercupRanunculus reconditusIt’s time to play!

California PoppyEschscholzia californicaI love myself; I value myself

CamasCamassia quamashI am open to everything, attached to nothing

Catherine Creek Arch I am a bridge to the cosmos

Desert Sage Artemisia tridentata I hold sacred space

Fairy Slipper Orchid Calypso bulbosa  I open to new adventures

Foxglove Digitalis purpurea Emotional vulnerability is a gift

Green Bog Orchid Platanthera aquilonisI align with the heart of Mother Earth

Heart-leaf BuckwheatEriogonum compositum var. compositumI am comfortable with change

LarkspurDelphinium nuttallianumI delight in my true voice

Mock Orange Philadelphus lewisii  I am one-of-a-kind

Moss Nature hugs me with her love

Mt Hood (Wy’east) I ground and align with the crystalline grid of the mountain

Mt Hood Lily Lillium Cascadia I claim my divine beauty and space

Mullein Verbascum thapsusI am still in order to listen

Multnomah Falls I am the pure and precious essence of love

Ocean SprayHolodiscus discolorI flow with grace

Oregon GrapeBerberis aquifoliumI trust in myself

Oregon OakQuercus garryannaI am strong in purpose & joy

Phantom OrchidEburophyton austiniae I remove all blocks & interference

Poet’s Shooting StarDodecatheon poeticumI am fully present

Ponderosa Pine Pinus ponderosaI trust all is well

Pungent Desert ParsleyLomatium grayiiI awaken to my true self

Queen Bead Lily Clintonia uniflora I am a Queen of the Light

Red Columbine Aquilegia formosaI free my will

Red-flowering CurrantRibes sanguineumI am supported

Silky Lupine Lupinus sericeus I focus my mind

The Columbia River The sacred journey of the heart begins at my source and flows into an ocean of oneness

The Forest I walk deeper into my heart to feel who I am

Tiger Lily Lilium columbianumCreating is my power

Trillium Trillium ovatumI rebirth my feminine

Wahclella Falls I birth myself anew in the presence of the nature spirits

Western Redcedar Thuja plicata I am a Tree of Life

Western Rhododendron Rhododendron macrophyllum I enhance my experience of compassion

White Salmon River I remember! I am wild and free

Wild Rose Rosa pisocarpa I am passionate about life

Willow Salix spp.I flow with forgiveness

YarrowAchillea millefoliumI am pure & strong