Enliven Dragon Essence – lighten awaken expression


Lighten Awaken Expression. Bringing awareness and healing energy to your spine, like you are a dragon, allows you to remember and experience what it feels like to be more fully alive in your body. Free USA Shipping.


Enliven Dragon

Lighten Awaken Expression

Dragons can help you connect your spiritual crown chakra into the divine cosmos and your tailbone into the core of Mother Earth by activating your kundalini life-force creative energy seated in the consciousness of your spine.

Ancestral and personal trauma and cultural repression has blocked our natural flow of kundalini consciousness: the sexual, creative, life-force energy.

Bringing awareness and healing energy to your spine, like you are a dragon, allows you to remember and experience what it feels like to be more fully alive in your body.

When you feel fully alive, you naturally want to move, dance, sing, express, create, and be you.

Dragons help you master the importance of your tail. Energy moving through your tail anchors and grounds kundalini through your body and into the earth like a grounding rod.

Golden Dragon Essence infuses your body (and nervous system) energetically, spiritually, and magically with multidimensional essences (13D) to expand your ability to heal your physical body, awaken consciousness, raise the frequency of your body, as well as neutralize sensitivities to the environment, Gaian earth changes, solar flares, magnetic shifts, and EMFs from technology.

This essence supports the opening of your third eye to expand your intuition and visionary capacity and in upgrading to your 5D (5th Dimensional) template. Flower essences nourish your nervous system.

Golden Dragon Addresses Issues of…

  • Physical Body Healing
  • Sensitivity to EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies: phone, computers, 5G, smart meters, etc)
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Geopathic Stress
  • City Living Stressors
  • Earth Changes Sensitivity
  • Solar Flare Sensitivity
  • Earth Empaths
  • Nervous System Overstimulation
  • HSP (Highly Sensitive People)


  • Dragons (Channeled) – align with your 5D – 13D Divine Blueprint, activate your Inner-Dragon, kundalini activation, spinal alignment
  • Yarrow – protective unity consciousness, healing, vulnerability
  • Marigold – golden consciousness through ancestry
  • Red Columbine – electrical system realignment, sensitivities, will forces, empowerment
  • Starry Solomon Seal – spinal alignment with cosmos
  • Dragonroot (Western Solomon Seal) – spinal alignment with Gaia
  • Smokey Quartz (Dragonhead) – energy clearing
  • Mt Shasta Source Waters – Sacramento water-source healing waters


Suggested Use:

Four drops 3X day in water, bath, under tongue for 28 days or as needed.

For Land/Water: To cleanse, clear, balance, harmonize energy or make an offering, place four drops on ley lines, portals, land, dragon-lines, and in waterways.

2 oz. frosted glass dropper bottle (stock) with flower essence in water and brandy as preservative (vegetable glycerin upon request).

Free shipping in USA.



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