Earth Day: Love is Elemental – Video Free


Earth Day – Love is Elemental is a youtube video or audio recording of the event that celebrates earth day and aligns us with the new frequencies of the planet and ways we can be of service as ambassadors and guardians of Mother Earth. Video Free.


Let’s weave a virtual circle of love for Mother Earth with the seen and unseen realms of nature—elementals, nature spirits, dragons, mermaids, unicorns, gnomes, fairy realms, green realms of plants, stones, animals, ancestors, Ancient Ones. We will open to intuitive messages, healing transmissions, attunements, and guidance for celebrating New Earth Day 2020!

I thought it would be really fun to gather my magical human (and other) friends and students of Earth School to share some of their experiences being of service to lands, waters, elementals, ancestors, plants, animals, crystals, and the New Earth. We can learn a lot from each other—delightful inspiration, tools, ways, and peaceful vibrations as we anchor a new consciousnes in our body and on earth.

In addition, I want to celebrate the Truth that Humanity is needed and loved!! Our role is to be guardians of the planet and nurture our precious lands and waters. We are nature, too. Earth School community is made up of ambassadors, stewards, oracles, nature intuitives, alchemists, magical beings, and healers. 

Join Fairy Queen Camilla and guests for a magical experience of celebrating our love on Earth Day 2020…

Wendy Griffin, Caretaker of Animals & Earth 
Wendy will be sharing her experiences on her sacred land in the Desert Southwest where she lives and cares for her animals and plants. She will share a very sacred and special plant friend by inviting you in to the circle to sit and listen to what the plant has to share.

Wendy is a nurse, herbalist and energy healer. She lives in SW Colorado with her horses, goats, sheep, donkeys, dogs, cats and chickens. She has been a lover of plants all of her life and is the founder and owner of Cedar Ridge Botanicals, which offers healing salves, balms, facial creams and hydrosols. All of the plants used in her potions are grown or wild harvested by her. Cedar Ridge Botanicals.

Elyssa Jakim, Flower Fairy Goddess
Elyssa is offering flower fairy goddess-ness, flower fairy love bath dream time, Earth flower love bath. Goddess flower healing love bath.

Elyssa offers healing bath sessions, as well as divine mother healing sessions via phone or skype. And bath sessions include a channeled recording so you can take the bath in your own space. Namah @namahhealing on Instagram.

Marianne Brettell-Vaugh, Sun Faerie
One of my favorite energy processes to share is called, “The Faerie Power Healing Circle”, where a spinning vortex of power and light is co-created with the Faeries and other realms and this vortex creates healing and balance for whoever it’s intended for.

I absorb and spread the light of the sun; wherever it’s needed. I work with the Nature Realms in the garden, particularly the Devas, Nature Spirits, Gnomes and my dearest friends, the Nature Faeries. In my work, I share how to garden creatively with these realms and my book, “Over The Rainbow” teaches how to practice spiritual gardening. It’s profound! Garden Rainbows

Andrea Dombecki, Blush Rose Fairy
The heart and soul of fairy will be a beautiful activation of fairy consciousness to awaken sacred and joyful memories of fairy soul.

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist. Angel Fairy Healing

Marlo Nikkila, Peaceful Magic
I will share Embody the Elements, an element flow to move energy and emotions based on Chinese Medicine. 

Marlo offers a 30-day energy practices, magical retreats, unicorn magic, and more.

Jill Case Follas, Elemental Goddess 
I offer a story of elemental magic and my connection with the elements of Mother Earth. Earth & Sky, illuminating the path discover your potential. 

Jill offers personalized healing, yoga, astrology readings, and elemental products under Earth + Sky.

Camilla Blossom, Fairy Queen
I will hold space for our magical circle and share the energetic healing transmissions and guidance of Mother Earth, Grandmothers of Creation, elementals, fairies, and nature spirits.

Camilla is the founder of Earth School and offers online teaching, mentorship, Mystery School, Intuitive Energy Healing, and Flower Essence Education. 

Earth School friends Jan Kinsey, Harry Bridger, and Joel Dombecki helped hold sacred energetic space. 

Thank you Andrea Dombecki for beautiful artwork