Dragons & Fire Elementals – Audio/Handouts


Meet & work with your dragon for personal empowerment, enlightening abundance, and planetary healing. Audio and Handout.


“The Dragon lives in your heart and gives you the strength to proceed in sometimes trying times.”

Meet & work with your dragon for personal empowerment, enlightening abundance, and planetary healing. 

  • Handout
  • Audio recording 1:19 minutes of teaching with guided journey
  • Energetic healing and activation
Knowing how to work with fire elemental energies will assist you in expanding awareness of your soul gifts, integrating and digesting change, and grounding and balancing chaotic energies so you are free to radiate your magnificence.
Meet your personal dragon, or fire elemental, as well as fire, earth, and solar dragons that care for Mother Earth and her subtle energy realms. The dragons want to connect and work co-creatively with you to ignite your consciousness as keepers and guardians of the earth.
In the Fire Elementals teleclass, you will…
• Open your awareness and creative imagination to receive Fire teaching and wisdom that comes directly from the fire elementals. Learn how to feel joy by activating your heart spirit fire.
• Be guided on an inspiring meditative journey to meet your inner-dragon, or fire elemental spirit guide, so you can learn how to connect and work together to awaken and empower your creative spirit and life-force.
• As a collective, we will offer land and planetary healings and blessings as we work co-creatively with personal, fire, earth, and solar dragons.
• Receive energetic transmissions to awaken your spirit body and expand its capacity to receive love, source light, and ascension codes.
Enjoy the magical realms of fire and dragons as you connect with your elemental nature. The dragons honor you and wish to remind you of your enlightened power to serve. Offer your light coded gifts to the land through your presence in the call.