Columbia River – Place Essence – conscious flow


The essence helps us bond more deeply with our Mother through her source-waters. The spirit of Salmon asks for commitment to nurture ourselves and our planet. Free shipping in US.


Affirmation of Water Place Essence: “The sacred journey of the heart begins at my source and flows into an ocean of oneness”

Balanced: surrendering to the flow of life through care and nurturing of self and source-waters

Honor and bless the waters at their source, renew sacred relations with Mother Earth, open to receive healing from spirits and elementals of water—merpeople, water devas, water dragons, major earth artery for heart flow of golden Christ Sophia consciousness.


Suggested Use: Four drops 3X day in water, bath, under tongue for 28 days or as needed.

For Land/Water: To cleanse, clear, balance, harmonize energy or make an offering, place four drops on ley lines, portals, land, and in waterways.

2 oz. frosted glass dropper bottle (stock) with flower essence in water and brandy as preservative (vegetable glycerin upon request).

Free shipping in USA.