Intuitive Healing Session • Healing Ceremony Open new doorways, clear blocks, and open to initiatory awakening experiences to honor your soul evolution, ascension, and gifts. My intention is to empower, catalyze, and activate healers, earth empaths, starseeds, light-workers, nature intuitives, and creative souls to new awareness and light. As a soul midwife, I offer (or… Continue reading Services

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What is a Land Energy Clearing?

When you look up “land clearing” on google, you get a lot of heavy equipment operators. Land clearing in my world in about honoring and blessing the sacred spirit or subtle energy of land. I work specifically to assist the many land spirits of places including elementals, nature spirits, ancestral spirits, and guardians of land.… Continue reading What is a Land Energy Clearing?

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The Blue Elf: Land and Personal Ascension Time

I met a brilliant blue elf a few years ago. He has pure white fur framing his face and glittery sparkles that made his face glow brilliant blue. I was stunned by his beauty, and I was curious. Why did this elf show up? I’ve worked with gnomes, mermaids, water devas, flower fairies, tree spirits,… Continue reading The Blue Elf: Land and Personal Ascension Time


Oxbow Springs Deva SPEAKS

Oxbow Springs is a SACRED HEALING SPRING The Deva of Oxbow Healing Springs has asked me to be a voice for the spirit of the healing source waters of the Columbia River Gorge at Oxbow Springs (Cascade Locks is 40 minutes EAST of Portland, Oregon). I take this role humbly and with great honoring of… Continue reading Oxbow Springs Deva SPEAKS

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Do I need a House Clearing? Land Clearing?

I wanted to share this checklist so you can determine if you may need to do some energetic clearing of your house, business, farm, healing center, or property. Land Checklist (Check any that apply): ___ Moving to new home, property ___ Land feels off, funky, uncomfortable, weird ___ Depleted soil, poor crop, diseased trees, garden… Continue reading Do I need a House Clearing? Land Clearing?

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Lilies: Create Sacred Womb Space for Rebirth

Tiger Lily balances your creative power center (2nd chakra). Lilies make me happy. They are so deeply and unapologetically feminine in their essence. They remind me of my true nature, too. As a woman, a sensitive, an empath, and as someone who needs to remember to set my intention daily to create a strong energy… Continue reading Lilies: Create Sacred Womb Space for Rebirth

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Create Your Own Water Blessing

I love to offer simple joyful community circles that not only feed and energize the water elementals and thus the water itself, it is also a way for us to receive healing and emotional heart connection with our divine feminine feeling nature and deeper mysteries within our body and womb (or hara for men). Also,… Continue reading Create Your Own Water Blessing