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Where Do the Fairies Go?

 “Pave paradise and put up a parking lot.”    —Joni Mitchell What happens to the nature spirits when land is cleared or developed? Where do devas, fairies, nature spirits, nature elementals go? Can we make this process easier for them? How can we build our homes and develop properties with greater reverence and harmony towards Nature… Continue reading Where Do the Fairies Go?

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How to Thrive in Chaos

The Columbia River Gorge was formed by cataclysmic flooding and massive earth movements. The flower essences I co-created beginning in 2000 come from the wildflowers that live here and have learned how to thrive in extreme conditions. They are survivors! They know how to grow in ice, snow, rain, wind, sun, and all elemental conditions. These… Continue reading How to Thrive in Chaos


Praying with Waterkeepers at Standing Rock

From the moment we approached the camps,  I felt like I was floating in a sea of love— a field of powerful energy and prayer that permeated everything.  It was very strong.   Somehow, we managed to pack mountains of food, clothing donations, herbal medicines and medic supplies, and financial donations into two station wagons… Continue reading Praying with Waterkeepers at Standing Rock


Wooing the Crystalline Deva of Mirila Creek

Katie and I began wooing the Water Deva of Dry Creek in Mosier where we live. When I first moved to the land last May, the creek bed was dry for several months, but we would sing to her stones, give her offerings of flowers and crystals, speak sweet words of love and appreciation, and… Continue reading Wooing the Crystalline Deva of Mirila Creek


Seed Blessing Ceremony

These are my writings on the process of co-creating magical gardens with the nature spirits and elementals. I gathered lots of seeds for our gardens at Prairie Star at a lovely seed-swap event at the Rockford Grange in Hood River Valley. Very special seeds were available from Aera and her magical garden at Rahaine overlooking… Continue reading Seed Blessing Ceremony


Mama Dragon Attends Fairy Tea Party

The fire elementals asked me to host a tea party to activate the FIRE elemental horseshoe altar in the Unicorn Garden. This is one of the four horseshoes that represent a hoof of the spirit horse that left its shoe behind to ascend into unicorn status. The garden is horseshoe shaped and growing with calendula,… Continue reading Mama Dragon Attends Fairy Tea Party

Flower Essences

Delight in the joy of vibrational flower healing. • MENTORSHIP• FLOWER ESSENCES SHOP• SACRED SPIRIT KIT, BOOK, CARDS• WILDFLOWER ORACLE READINGS• CUSTOM FLOWER ESSENCE FORMULAS •••• Flower Essence Book Sacred Spirit of The Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and Essences of Place by Camilla Blossom Bishop “What are flower essences? Flower essences are an unscented… Continue reading Flower Essences

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Remembering Your Fairy Roots

Do you believe in fairies? If you do, congratulations! Among our wider culture, fairy belief in adults appears taboo. People may admit privately that they believe in fairies, mermaids, and unicorns, but most are uncomfortable speaking out about it. It has taken me some time to feel comfortable being a voice for nature spirits, but… Continue reading Remembering Your Fairy Roots

Flower Essences

Celebrating the Spirit of Lily Devas

  Happy Winter Solstice! I am snuggling by the fire at my Bear Lodge preparing for a winter solstice ceremony and reflecting on a path that is leading me further into the mysteries of water, plants, and our beautiful Mother. I feel so grateful. So blessed. I am reflecting on my life at this most… Continue reading Celebrating the Spirit of Lily Devas

Deepen Your Relationship with the Spirit of Land Latest Blog Posts: I invite you to open the door to a magical world of sacred connection. Awaken more delightful, harmonizing encounters with the spirits of land, and explore the subtle and spiritual realms of Nature! Engage with plant and land spirits, fairies, devas, gnomes, mermaids, dragons, elementals,… Continue reading