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Moss Woman Wants to Nurture You

As a way to deeper our relationships with nature spirits and land, I’m creating a new deck of earth alchemy cards (with artist Andrea Dombecki of featuring the beloved beings of nature I co-create with. I wanted to share Moss Woman today as she felt so deep and timely. Our world’s need for nurturing.… Continue reading Moss Woman Wants to Nurture You

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Troubled Land Becomes Haven for Horses

Strange things were happening in the rural Bend, Oregon neighborhood. The area included a small collection of houses and a refuge for rescued horses. Domestic violence erupted at one home. A cancer diagnosis at another. A shooting related to a house-sitter’s ex-boyfriend brought the police out. Keith broke his arm immediately after moving a rock… Continue reading Troubled Land Becomes Haven for Horses

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Video: Spirit of Tobacco

Here is the video from the Earth School event (Celebrate New Earth!) honoring the Spirit of Tobacco. Wendy Griffin shared her journey with the plant from childhood in North Carolina to her recent calling to grow the plant, make flower essences, and share the teachings of this sacred plant. Wendy and I have been offering… Continue reading Video: Spirit of Tobacco

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Do I need a House Clearing? Land Clearing?

I wanted to share this checklist so you can determine if you may need to do some energetic clearing of your house, business, farm, healing center, or property. Land Checklist (Check any that apply): ___ Moving to new home, property ___ Land feels off, funky, uncomfortable, weird ___ Depleted soil, poor crop, diseased trees, garden… Continue reading Do I need a House Clearing? Land Clearing?

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Honoring and Releasing Ghosts and Spirits

It’s ironic that my greatest childhood fear has become an important part of my work: releasing ghosts! Some may call what I do “ghostbusting” or psychopomp (in shamanic traditions). Whatever you choose to call it, I feel that I am a humble midwife in a very sacred process of helping a disincarnate spirit find its way home to… Continue reading Honoring and Releasing Ghosts and Spirits

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Tend the Land, Tend Your Inner-Landscape: EARTH SCHOOL

How can we awaken sacred relationship with land, our bodies, and elementals of nature? We are not here to heal Mother Earth, we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth. And, our bodies are a reflection of the earth. Can we become nurturers of our sweet earth? Let’s take loving care of our… Continue reading Tend the Land, Tend Your Inner-Landscape: EARTH SCHOOL

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Message From Dolphins…

“We are star-beings and masters of joyful sound and beautiful patterns of play. You are welcome to call upon us to receive a Dolphin Basking of Light. In this transmission, we fill your energy body with light and healthy designs of flow so you can attune yourself with our vibratory patterns of play. This will help you lighten up… Continue reading Message From Dolphins…