Video: Age of Aquarius Essence

https://youtu.be/_DOsUipgpeQ Video 20 minutes This essence was co-created with elemental nature spirits, spirit guides, crystals at the Columbia River exactly on the portal of Winter Solstice 2020. (See photo. The water elementals and devas showed their “fingers”.) And, it was placed under the conjunction of planets Saturn and Jupiter in the night sky so it… Continue reading Video: Age of Aquarius Essence

Age of Aquarius Essence

Taking this essence brings you into alignment with potent new energies of awakening, enlightenment, synchronicity, magic, and higher consciousness represented by this passage. It will help you hold and embody these energies.. and trust you have arrived in the new timeline: Aquarian Age. Free shipping in US.

Healing, Lilies, Mermaids, Water, Water Devas

This Emotional Empath Needs Flowers & Waters

As an emotional empath, I feel the earth’s evolutionary shifts expanding my sensitivity in ways that challenge my being. I feel people’s emotional energy, fear, chaos, and I sense emotional congestion held in landscapes. Often, I find it necessary to seek out water and flowers to balance my body, my emotions, and my sense of… Continue reading This Emotional Empath Needs Flowers & Waters

“Your intuitive and feeling sense is the guiding force of the new earth. Nothing can be pushed into being. Only presence will work.” —THE GRANDMOTHERS THROUGH CAMILLA   Open the door and explore your inner-landscape and attune to the frequencies of your soul expression—your true essence. I warmly invite you to come home to yourself… Continue reading


Effervescent Medicine

Who said medicine had to be so serious? New kinds of medicine for healing are needed in this time of great change. Joyful, playful, effervescent experiences can fill and nurture our souls and bodies. I hear of more and more miracles. They seem to come when we are at ease and in a state of… Continue reading Effervescent Medicine