Owl Grandmother Essence 9

Connect with Night Owl Grandmother Awa Pia to learn how to see in the dark… like the night vision of a clear-sighted owl. Free shipping in US.

Void Grandmother Essence 8

Grandmother Ohm Ma comforts us and helps us remember our ancient primordial roots and the power we have as Creator Beings. Free shipping in US.

Fairy Grandmother Essence 6

Connect with the Spirit of Earth Spirits (Fairy) Grandmother. Grandmother Te Wanee will help you connect with the small wonders, simple pleasures, and the invisible world of nature. Free shipping in US.

Spiral Dancer Grandmother Essence 7

Connect with Spiral Dancer Grandmother. Grandmother Otoncha Shei will help you align with the movement of everything in creation. Open your consciousness to how life is a dance of light patterns and spirals. Free shipping in US.

Star Dancer Grandmother Essence 12

Star Dancer Grandmother Awak Shema offers her protective light and supportive frequencies to ground, protect, and build up your energy fields and awareness as an Empath, Starseed, Blue Ray, Sensitive, Intuitive, Cosmic Traveler, Lightworker, and/or Planetary Healer. Free shipping in US.

Peace Grandmother Essence 5

Connect with the Spirit of Peace and White Animals Grandmother. Grandmother Wawa Shawey will help you offers you a sense of lightness, innocence, and freedom in your soul and body. Free shipping in US.