Earth School

Awaken to the Wisdom of the Grandmothers. Empower yourself by cultivating magical co-creative relationship with land and spirit. • ONLINE CLASSES• LAND HONORING KIT• SACRED EARTH CONNECTION ~ ONLINE COURSE• MYSTERY SCHOOL (9 MONTH)• MENTORSHIP• EVENTS Ground into the spirit of home and your body, here on earth. Cultivate relationship with nature, spirit of place, and… Continue reading Earth School

Elementals, Land, Mother Earth

My Faith Walk

I am a home-free gypsy at the moment. I have been traveling and staying with different people, communities, and on lands and in the forest all summer since returning from the Big Island of Hawaii. It has been wonderful. I am learning to trust my path as I listen to the guidance of spirit. My traveling entourage… Continue reading My Faith Walk

Sacred Earth Connection is an uplifting, fun, and supportive 8-part Online Course where you will learn to deepen your intuition and enlighten your soul purpose in connection to land, nature, and Mother Earth. Gain the confidence to step further into service as a spiritual earth steward as you remember and reclaim your intuitive gifts and… Continue reading

Dragons, Elementals

Meet Your Dragon

Sitting by my Fire Altar, I had a vision of numerous dragons of all shapes, colors, and sizes flying over the garden. They looked sad. They told me they missed their humans. They asked me to help them connect with their humans. Since then I have offered many opportunities for people to meet their personal… Continue reading Meet Your Dragon

Elementals, Fairies, Land, Mother Earth, Plants

Where Do the Fairies Go?

 “Pave paradise and put up a parking lot.”    —Joni Mitchell What happens to the nature spirits when land is cleared or developed? Where do devas, fairies, nature spirits, nature elementals go? Can we make this process easier for them? How can we build our homes and develop properties with greater reverence and harmony towards Nature… Continue reading Where Do the Fairies Go?

Mother Earth, Trees

Paul Bunyan Was An Axe Murderer of Trees

The lumberjack, Paul Bunyan, appeared to me during a shamanic journey focused on releasing the past. His figure loomed large as my shadow self, and as a collective shadow, that wanted to be seen, released, transformed. Our shadow is a denied, buried, unseen aspect of our psyche.  When I saw Paul Bunyan’s axe wielding hulking figure, I heard… Continue reading Paul Bunyan Was An Axe Murderer of Trees

Ancestors, Elementals, Fairies, Land, Mother Earth

Make Your Spirit Soar by Awakening Land

My purpose as a Land Alchemist is to offer land clearing, transformation, and create a bridge of human-nature communication to awaken land. I want to be on land that makes my spirit soar. I want to be part of raising the level of vibrational energy. Land Alchemy practices help awaken new awareness of land and offer… Continue reading Make Your Spirit Soar by Awakening Land

Elementals, Fairies

Santa is a Big Gnome!

I went down to the Hood River to re-energize. The water fairies greeted me with washes of pleasurable energy. They told me the gnomes wanted to talk to me. So I wandered down to the big heart-shaped rock in the river near where the gnomes traverse to an island to work with crystals, rocks, and… Continue reading Santa is a Big Gnome!