Pink Yarrow – Flower Essence

Offers protection for energetically sensitive and overly compassionate souls that tend to absorb energies, thoughts, and emotions of others. Free shipping in US.

Oregon Grape – Flower Essence

Learn how to be more trusting, vulnerable, and undefended in relationships especially when fearing abandonment. Free shipping in US.

Desert Sage – Flower Essence

This protective, clearing plant spirit offers itself in honor of the sacred space of our body. Also, it is clearing for the mind and repetitive thoughts patterns. Free shipping in US.

Camas – Flower Essence

This essence has a deep resonance with the spirit of land and ancestors and brings forward our sense of sacred reverence for the earth and acceptance of what is present before us. Free shipping in US.

Buttercup – Flower Essence

Unleash your ability to play and experience the sweet innocence and wonder of a magical child. Free shipping in US.