Healing Session

Healing Session

Camilla offers a subtle energy transmission and shamanic, vibrational healing that uses magical and mystical nature spirits, flower essences, plant spirits, 13 Spirit Grandmothers, Ixchel, and her Lemurian water goddess and fairy shaman lineage guides. These journeys are different for everyone, often your own gifts lead the way and thus you learn to heal yourself.

Camilla is a guide who empowers you to embrace your inner shaman and your own relationship with spirit of nature and Mother Earth. This session can help to heal past life experiences, chakra or energetic imbalances, family lineage history, emotional patterns, feelings of disconnection, or a particular issue you would like addressed. We may use any or all of the following or feel free to request what calls you most. 

Lemurian Healing invokes the energy of light beings of the dolphins, whales, mermaids, mermen, and water elementals that are healing to the heart, womb, and open remembrance of our lineage gifts.

Nature Spirit Alchemy. Alchemy is the process of transforming lead (unconscious beliefs) into abundant golden spiritual consciousness. Mermaids, gnomes, fairies, unicorns, and dragons offer their elemental balance and healing offerings.

Ancestor Healing. Honor your ancestors to awaken ancestral gifts. This shamanic healing ceremony brings healing to you, your ancestors, and all your relations including freeing earthbound ancestral spirits that are trapped or need healing to move on. Camilla connects you with your ancient lineage gifts as well as freeing up fear, traumas, and distorted patterns in your bloodline. This is a medicine ceremony.

Fairy Shamanism. Many nature spirits and soul healers from nature and the mystical realms are available to offer healing and often come to assist in the healing process.

Energy Clearing. Subtle energy clearing renews our energy system: chakras and protective auric fields. This process brings you back into alignment and clears away what doesn’t serve you.