Nature Spirit Alchemy Healing Session

Alchemy is the process of transforming lead to abundant golden spiritual consciousness. Camilla offers a subtle energy transmission and shamanic, vibrational healing that uses magical and mystical nature spirits, flower essences, plant spirits, 13 Spirit Grandmothers, Ixchel, and her Lemurian water goddess and fairy shaman lineage guides. These journeys are different for everyone, often your own gifts lead the way and thus you learn to work with yourself. Camilla is a guide who empowers you to embrace your inner shaman and your own relationship with nature and the earth. This session can help to heal past life experiences, chakra or energetic imbalances, family lineage history, emotional patterns, feelings of disconnection, or a particular issue you would like addressed. By phone or Mosier, Oregon.

1 hr $80

1.5 hr $120

Add-on custom flower essence formula $25

Add-on flower essence $18