Nature Mentorship

Awakening the Inner Shaman

Nature Mentoring offers you a beautiful, supportive relationship to help you nurture the seeds you have planted, care for them, and help them grow and blossom with purpose and joy. I would be honored to hold space and guide you through a process of self-discovery, manifestation, healing, and building of your skills, tools, and confidence for your healing practice or life.

Camilla is here to uplift and help you build trust in your own co-creative abilities and inner-guidance so you can truly value yourself and the lineage gifts and sacred medicine you carry. Reclaiming these lineage gifts, and your energetic sensitivity, opens up joyful purpose and creates new realities for Mother Earth.

 You choose your program. All teachings will cover shamanic protocols.

Are you ready to…

… create relationship and healing with your ancestral lineage, bring forward gifts, and learn earth-based indigenous practices.

… add flower essences to your healing practice or become a flower essence healer or alchemist.

… explore your creative imagination, inner-child, and co-create relationship and healing with nature spirits, unicorns, and the fairy realms.

… dive deep into sacred feminine water mysteries and emotional healing of yourself and Mother Earth with water undines, devas, & mermaids.

… immerse yourself in healing of elements and their elementals—Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ether

Mother Earth is calling you home to remember who you are. Experience a greater sense of joy, passionate purpose, and connection to the spirit of nature—the elementals, nature spirits, plant spirits, ancestors, spirit of place, and sense of belonging.

Camilla draws upon ancient wisdom teachings of the Spirit Council of 13 Grandmothers, Nature Elementals, Celtic Fairy Realms, Lemurian Water Goddesses, White Buffalo Calf Woman, and indigenous traditions to weave gentle, sweet, playful, and profound experiences to awaken you to your inner Truth. Through Nature Mentorship, you will open higher dimensional awareness, new forms of relationship with nature, and strengthen your intuition and ability to manifest new realities. She incorporates ritual, shamanic journeys, guided meditations, play, shamanic arts & crafts, sacred altars, bundles, medicine songs, drumming, rattling, medicine making, and vibrational energy healing transmissions into her teachings. Camilla hold space for deep self-discovery and magical experiences of healing.

Location: 5th dimensional magical sanctuary for nature spirits at Prairie Star Meadows in Mosier, Oregon

Summer Special

2-hr session $99

3-hr session $149





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