Mystery School 2021

Earth Wisdom Teachings from Elemental Spirits of Land & Water, the Grandmothers, Faery Realms, Flowers/Plant Devas

Orchid Flower Guide: Activating awareness and spiritual ascension by deeply nourishing and grounding our hearts/wombs in Mother Earth & awakening Nature Spirit Communication.

Mystery School is Intuitively Guided by Camilla Blossom, Earth School 

begins Spring 2021 

Awaken your awareness and remember your soul’s highest path of joy and freedom. Step up as an earth ambassador, earthkeeper, caretaker, alchemist and co-create and weave new realities and new relationships into being. We bring offerings and healing for personal awakening and of planetary service for lands, waters, and all beings of earth—seen and unseen.

Grandmother Wisdom Teachings • Tools • Land Rituals • Intuitive Techniques • Mother Earth Relations • Indigenous Ancestor Honoring • Subtle Energy Alignment • Nature Elementals, Faeries, Nature Spirit Relations • Flower Essences • Honoring Water • Land Altars • Magical Gardens • Land Honoring Foundational Practices • Nature Ceremony • New Earth Ascension

More details to follow. Contact Camilla to hold your place. 

Mystery School Class of 2020