Mystery School – Group Mentorship

 Begins June 9th 2021

"My Earth Mystery School experience was magical and life changing."

Stacey Shird

Land Light Alchemy Learn intuitive light and energy practices to foster deeper relations with land and elemental nature spirits that dwell there. Join us in giving back to Mother Earth by aligning with her and offering our joyful gifts to all of Creation.

  • Spring/Summer Term 2021 ~ Nature/Land Communication & Flower Essence Alchemy
  • Fall Term 2021 ~ Fairy/Elemental Relationships
  • Winter Term 2022 ~ Land Light Alchemy Ritual
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Grandmother beats the drum. Listen to the sound of her drum—the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Align with her rhythm, her heartbeat, and the rhythm of Nature. Feel your heart beating stronger, fuller, freer. 

The sacred Mother is calling us back to remember the fullness of the feminine source of creation. She is calling us to follow her and align with the deeper rhythms of Mother Earth.

In synch with Nature’s heartbeat, spread your wings wide and fly. Soar high in the sky like an eagle. Soar with freedom and a new perspective.

Earth meets Sky!

See with your new eyes—the eyes of your higher heart. See with higher understanding, compassion, and spiritual awareness. Envision a new relationship with earth.

See a new way to walk with her, the new earth…

This is the state of being where abundance is celebrated with joy and delight. Everything expands. We become a peaceful witness and express as peace-in-action. We remember sacred relationship with the seen and unseen realms of nature.

Mother Earth’s heartbeat attracts everything you need for your body, your Self, and to be of service to all of Creation. Giving and receiving become part of your natural rhythm.

Earth Mystery School is a place to be creative. It is a place to listen to the heartbeat of the Mother and remember to soar. It’s a place to explore, express, discover, learn, play, seek, connect, experience, and learn deep trust in your beautiful intuition. It is a sacred space to be held. It is time to open to the miracles of relationship, community, nature spirituality, magical awareness. Your creativity will flourish and manifestation will become a way of being.

It is time to know the power YOU carry to give back to Mother Earth in a great way in these time of restoration. Our group will gather our foundations, tools, intentions, and innate gifts to work in circle on intuitive energetic harmonizing of land and water—Land’Light Alchemy. We are here to nurture our precious planet.



To me, it’s all about Relationship.

How do you connect deeper with the heart of Creation?

Choose conscious co-creative relationship… with yourself, others, the spirit of land and waters, flower fairies, water devas, ancestors, Creator Goddess/God, Mother Earth. It’s time to grow by celebrating all moments of connection.

I am here to support you in unfurling, awakening, expanding your magic and mastery in empowering, loving community…

  • A way we can connect together, create community, share our profound experiences, and even be present for each other’s vulnerability when we need to be seen and held.
  • A way to experience in-depth learning, growing, and claiming your spiritual mastery that is joyful, gentle, replenishing, adventurous, and spiritually expansive.
  • A way to heal by giving back & receiving from Mother Earth—spiritually, emotionally, and through planetary service.

Mystery School Foundations

Earth Mystery School is a supportive circle for sharing wisdom teachings, practices, experiences, intuitive activation through empowering, magical, joyful mentoring.

Give back to Mother Earth by taking these practices and tending your land, waters, self, and community! 

  • Spring/Summer Term 2021 ~ Nature/Land Communication & Flower Essence Alchemy
  • Fall Term 2021 ~ Fairy/Elemental Relationships
  • Winter Term 2022 ~ Land Light Alchemy & Ritual

 You get to choose a tract (major) if you like as a focus the full program. Join for the full program or one 3-month term. Each term weaves gracefully into the next.

You will have instant access to all the wisdom teachings of my online course Sacred Earth Connection for key foundation wisdom and reference.

Everyone will bring their unique ways to our Land’Light Alchemy practices.

About Me


I carry my teachings in my bones. I am a Crone, a Fairy Queen, a Dragoness, a Phoenix Rising, and an honorary Grandmother. Spirit has guided me on an intense and profound spiritual journey for over 30 years and numerous incarnations. I learned through my own direct experiences in nature with the flower fairies, devas, trees, and land guardians and ancestors.

My gift is: Insight.

I activate and catalyze awakening in others and give them access to nature, cosmic, spirit guides and their transmissions and specific magical energy attunement.

Grandmother Sandy calls me Deerheart. I resonate with the sweet, gentle, magical deer and friends of the Fay as an empathic sensitive soul.

My dream is to gather souls in circle who wish to activate and empower our intuitive/spiritual gifts and practice Land’Light Alchemy to energetically clear, restore, deeply harmonize, and balance the lands and waters of Mother Earth. We will align and work in conscious co-creative relationship with the Elementals and all Beings of Creation.

About You

I would be deeply honored to mentor you in claiming your own gifts of mastery. Going in-depth over nine months honors a birthing process. Maybe I will be your soul midwife for a new career, a new purpose, a spiritual nature awakening, a budding new type of healing practice, or land honoring work with spirits and ancestors of land.

We will enter The Great Mystery of Nature. We will make sacred space to allow your Natural Rhythms to emerge, Nature Spirit Relationships to form, and Sacred Creation Forces to be honored without judgement. 

I will teach you all I know and support your fully blossoming potential so you can soar!

We will feel the immense love, comfort, and support of the Grandmothers and find our rhythm.

We will practice self-care!

We will Give Back to the lands and waters and plants and fairies from a place of blossoming personal power and purpose.


Fairy Testimonial From A Representative of the Fairies


“If you would like to work for the fairies, Camilla is your guide!

I have been with Camilla for some time and I just want to say that Camilla is a monumental legend in the fairy realm. She has been working with us for decades and has brought so much love and peace to us and to the earth in her work it is OUTSTANDING!!!! 

Camilla is a rock star in the fairy realm. I love Camilla, She is the best. You’ll love her too. She has helped us so much. Whenever you take this course or connect with Camilla, know that you are learning to heal and help us too.

This course has been a gift to the nature realms. Enjoy it! And as you take it, remember, you are SEEN by the FAIRIES!

I also want to tell you that this course is extremely FUN!!!! SO IF YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN, Why don’t you push a button to sign up.” 

—Channeled by Elyssa Jakim, Fairy Ambassador


What You Can Expect

My style of mentorship is gentle, intuitive, catalyzing, empowering, mothering, and playful too! I honor all walks, encourage direct experiences of knowing to fully receive teachings, and practice ease, joy, and delight for effortless learning.

I will never, ever undermine your intuition by claiming I know more or I have the way or system you need to follow. That is not my way. You are Queen/King/Leader of your own life! You choose how you want the material, meditations, teachings, and spiritual support to land. What material you want to learn. What you want to grow into.

Are You Ready to Say Yes?

One of the more powerful and joyful aspects of spiritual teaching and learning is that you simply have to say: YES. Spirit will move mountains, obstacles, even traumas to make miracles for your dreams and creations to come true.

Say YES to yourself, to new relationships, more awareness, and maybe even a new earth walk.

Say YES to stepping up in leadership and sitting on your Throne of Sovereignty. I invite you to join Earth Mystery School community and sit in Council with us and all realms of nature—seen and unseen. 

What You Receive from Earth Mystery School

The most important and empowering aspect of this program, or any mentoring, is that you learn:

  • What is your best way to be in rhythm with nature, approach nature relationships, and embody and co-create your magical dreams?
  • What is your process, practices, intuitive tools, lineage, and ways?

At some point during the program, I ask that you choose a “major” or a tract that interests you—flower essences, land healing, elemental energy healing, fairy communication, or “Fairy Arts” (all of it)—so you can weave your gifts with the Ancestors and Spirits. I will personalize materials and give you access to customized teachings, energetic transmissions, materials, tools.  

You get to dive deeper into one-on-one special focus as well as the profound community connection and support from an energetically safe, non-judgmental group of soul kin who share your desire for being in service to Mother Earth.

And… you get to use your gifts and talents to honor and bless Mother Earth. 


You will receive the prerequisite foundational course, Sacred Earth Connection, for access to all the videos, audios, written materials, attunement, land rituals, and intuitive techniques so you can access them anytime from anywhere. For those that like to dive in, feel free.

If this feels like too much information, I will be here to gently guide what is an optimal focus for each stage of the 9-month program and your unfolding. Some people prefer to receive transmissions, energetic teachings, and smaller amounts of materials steadily over time.

I get it. We all learn differently. Mystery School will help you discover what teaching style work best for you and what practices, tools, and techniques you want to know how to develop and offer to your own students, clients, customers, mentees, circles.

Here’s What Can Happen…

  • Open your Healing Practice to Fairy, Unicorn, & Magical Healers
  • Step up in Land Stewarding
  • Become a Flower or Tree Whisperer
  • Train as a Flower Essence Alchemist & Healer
  • Learn to do Land Harmonizing, Clearing, Balancing
  • Educate others about Nature Spirituality
  • Share Your Writings
  • Include Nature in your Coaching Practice
  • Bring Spiritual 5D Energy Practices to your Business
  • Navigate a Healing Process
  • Expand Your Mastery & Flow of Abundance
  • Awaken Your Own Spiritual Path of Service
  • Become a Land’Light Alchemist

Follow Your Heart’s Calling on a Joyful Spiritual Journey in Nature


How to Sign Up

o Register by paying the full tuition or the first payment of the payment plan. (Sacred Earth Connection online course is included in the payment. If you have purchased this already, let me know. I will deduct the fee from your tuition fee.)

o Choose a tract or focus if you like: Flower Essences. Energy Healing. Fairies/Elementals. Land Alchemy Ritual. Or open yourself to all the teachings.

o Mark the dates in your calendar for Earth Mystery School Group Mentorship calls. June 9th 1st call. You will receive emails with Zoom access link before each class. And, access to recordings afterwards.

o Schedule a private one-on-one mentorship session with Camilla. The first appointment will be to clarify your intentions for the program. 775-721-0358 text/cell or

o Join our private group for communication, sharing, and connection between classes. (to be announced)

o You will receive a free book during the first month of the course. Sacred Spirit of The Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place by Camilla Blossom Bishop.

Thank you! 


Group Mentorship Calls

I will schedule zoom calls. Before the call, you may receive materials in the form of a short teaching, attunement, video, guided meditation. I may give you an assignment or questions for journaling to engage with the teachings and tune in. You get to choose how much you want to engage with materials.

We will focus on a specific teaching or topic for weekly call. Three 1-hour calls per month will be intuitively guided to meet the needs of the group and individuals. We will explore the energy of the group as to what is needed most. You will also have access to recordings of calls for 7 days if you miss one.

  • Teachings from Sacred Earth Connection
  • Grandmother Wisdom
  • Discussions
  • Q & A
  • Guided Meditations
  • Attunements
  • Access to Materials
  • Guest Teachers (extra videos)

Even if you miss some of the calls, your spirit will be present to receive the full bounty of the teachings through energetic transmissions. You can trust this.

One-on-One Mentorship with Camilla

Schedule a 1 ¼ hour private mentorship session each term.

  • Intention Setting
  • Check-ins
  • Receive Support
  • Q & A
  • Special Materials Customized for You
  • Wisdom Teachings & Spiritual Guidan

More Supplies Options

Depending on your tract or area of interest, you may want to purchase the following:

  • Sacred Spirit Kit: 44 Flower Essences (2 boxes), Sacred Spirit Deck, my flower essence book: Sacred Spirit of The Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place.
  • One or more flower essences or formulas to build your pharmacy and become a Flower Essence Healer.
  • Sacred Earth Spirits Who are the spirits of nature? This upcoming oracle deck of 44 nature spirits give ideas for how to co-create relationship.
  • Land Honoring Kit Develop your relationships by giving offerings and vibrational medicine (flower essences) to land and water.

Astral Earth School

Once you say YES, you will open the doors to more magic in your life through loving connection with Astral Earth School. A council of beneficial nature and spirit helpers, guides, teachers, and healers from Earth School will be available to you. Many work deeply with me, my flower essences, and Earth School over many eons and are here to offer you what you need. Students often report dreams of being in school with me learning and experiencing new things with trees, flowers, fairies, unicorns, mermaids, and devas…  


“Camilla has been an answer to my heart’s yearning for a special kind of teacher that can teach in such a unique and evolving way. Our time has allowed me to open to see and know… what is cultivated is deep inner wisdom… and the result is… more trust in myself.” 

— JC, Portland, Oregon


SPRING/SUMMER TERM   June-July-Aug 2021

Group Mentorship Calls: June 9, June 16, June 23; July 14, July 21, July 28; Aug 11, Aug 18, Aug 25

Wednesdays 4 – 5 pm pacific time (5 – 5:30 optional Q & A)

Nature/Land Communication & Flower Essence Alchemy


  • Vibrational Medicine
  • Subtle Energy Alignment
  • Nature/Land Communication
  • Mother Earth Connection Practices & Protocols
  • Plant Spirit Relationships
  • Flower Essence Alchemy
  • Flower Fairy Communication & Healing
  • Doctrine of Signatures
  • Flower Families: Lily, Rose, Orchid, Composite
  • Flower Essence Making
  • Selecting, Uses, Healing with Flower Essences
  • Receiving & Singing Plant Songs
  • Land Light Alchemy Practices

FALL TERM  Sept-Oct-Nov 2021

Group Mentorship Calls: Sept 8, Sept 15, Sept 22; Oct 13, Oct 20, Oct 27; Nov 10, Nov 17, Nov 22 (Monday due to Thanksgiving)

Wednesdays 4 – 5 pm pacific time (5 – 5:30 optional Q & A)

Fairy & Elemental Relationships

Fostering co-creative relationship with nature spirits for healing, connection, and nature restoration.

  • Pendulums, Muscle Testing, Sensing/Feeling, Intuitive Knowing
  • Giving Offerings & Asking Permission 
  • Cultivating Relations with Spirit of Land 
  • Honoring Water & Water Devas 
  • Plant Spirit Communication – Trees, Plants, Flowers, Mushrooms
  • Know Thy Fairy Self: Exploring Your Fairy Lineage
  • Elements/Elemental Spirits – Mermaids/men, Fairy, Gnomes, Dragons
  • Faery Realms, Unicorns, Elves, Magical Beings
  • Co-Creating with Elementals, Fairies, Ancestors, Green Plant, and Magical Realms
  • Creating Fairy/Elemental Art, Crafts, Houses, Gardens, Song, Dance
  • Land’Light Alchemy Practices

December break

Feel free to explore more of the teachings during the breaks.


WINTER TERM  Jan-Feb-Mar 2022

Group Mentorship Calls: Jan 12, Jan 19, Jan 26; Feb 9, Feb 16, Feb 23; March 16, March 23, March 30. Graduation tba.

Wednesdays 4 – 5 pm pacific time (5 – 5:30 optional Q & A)

Land Light Alchemy & Ritual

  • Honoring Indigenous Ancestors & Native Lands 
  • Altars & Land Honoring Ceremony 
  • Land Energy Healing, Clearing, and Harmonizing Practices
  • Working with Vortexes
  • Fairy & Magical Gardens
  • Co-Creating with a Land Council
  • Blessings, Prayers, Ritual, Ceremony
  • Altars for Land and Water
  • Crystals, Crystals Grids, Gem Essences/Elixirs
  • Sound Healing, Medicine Songs, Channeling Songs, Sounds
  • Business Development & Abundance
  • Planetary Service, Fairy Activism, Earth Healing
  • Land’Light Alchemy Practices

March 2022 Graduation


Full Payment: Earth Mystery School $2,022. Includes Sacred Earth Connection course.

Payment Plan: $187 deposit to hold your place and 11 more automatic monthly payments of $187. We will set up a payment plan with you prior to June 9th, 2021. Includes Sacred Earth Connection course.


Payment for One Term Only: $966 includes Sacred Earth Connection course.


Thank you!

Tuition includes the course prerequisite: Sacred Earth Connection. If you have already purchased the online self-study course, we will deduct the price from your tuition ($400). Please email

Earth Mystery School attendees will receive a 40% discount on Grandmother Lodge fee and other product and event discounts.

I may have a partial work-trade position. Please contact Camilla for more information.


Exploring Earth Mystery School with Camilla Blossom

Free Event to learn more about the program. 

May 11, 2021 5 pm PDT Zoom (Live & Recorded)

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Mystery School Class of 2020

You leave a trail of beauty in your wake.