Land Alchemy Online Course

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Land Alchemy Online Course


Add-on optioNS:

 + Group Mentorship (Begins Fall 2022) 

 + Private Mentorship

+ 4-Day Land Alchemy events in Nature

• Experiential Teachings to Empower You as a Land Alchemist

• Sacred Practices to Honor & Harmonize Lands

• Vibrational Energy Medicine for Land Clearing & Awakening

• How to Joyfully Co-Create with Land Spirits—Fairy, Elemental, Ancestral Spirits

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You are Invited…

Delight in your interactions with nature as a conscious co-creator in Earth’s ascension and rebirth.

Your teacher, Camilla is known as a catalyst for teachers and healers to step into their gifts. She holds space, gently and joyfully, helping to bring JOY into your life as she shares deep earth wisdom. Camilla is here to help you awaken your Soul’s remembering and deepen your relationship with Mother Earth. Camilla’s students from her last course are now offering Land Alchemy to their lands and clients.

If you’re feeling ready to grow in your intuitive gifts as a Land Alchemist  for Gaia, this course will illuminate and catalyze your mission. 

Deepen Your Relationship with the sacred Spirits of Land

Message from Grandmothers

Land work is an honoring of Mother Earth. An opening to this relationship with Gaia as the Spirit of Earth and the Cosmos will enhance your spiritual awakening process. I love to give access to new spiritual relationships. Spirit Grandmothers work intensively with me to guide my work and they will be there for you too. Grandmothers remind you of your origins and return to sacred feminine ways that were lost… but now are returning.   

“Walk with us through these transition times with awareness and your bright light of Creation. We are here to help you create. As you embrace your co-creative capacity you shine brighter. Spiritual relationships will bring deep fulfillment and promise. Promise for peace and a world of paradise gardens, fairies, elementals, and magical experiences. Lands are awakening into this new light and new earth with you and your land work. We are so honored to be present with you and the lands you care for.”

 —Spirit Grandmothers


Meet Camilla ~ Land Alchemist, Spiritual Mentor, Soul Midwife

Hi, I’m Camilla

My path as a healer and vibrational energy healer and teacher has taken me through delightful and deeply transformative experiences. I stepped out of the mainstream world more than 30 years ago to dedicate my life to a spiritual path with nature.

Many enlightening experiences have helped me weave my gifts into great bounty. My work as a soul midwife, pioneering flower essence alchemist, certified aromatherapist, vibrational healer has evolved into planetary light work, land alchemy, and as Way-shower during these times of planetary and personal ascension.

Fairies, Elementals, Grandmothers, Goddesses, Dragons, Plant Spirits, Mother Gaia, Ancestors, and more have been my teachers and guides. The spiritual realms have brought me great joy and empowered my purpose.

I am here to teach the teachers, and model feminine leadership (says my gene keys).

My goal is to facilitate and guide your learning process. Spirit has called me to draw out individual and community self-expression this year 2022. I celebrate your self-expression and want to help you access, activate, and embody your true power which comes through healthy relationship with Spirit and Earth. 

I see you truly embodying Land Alchemy work in your special way. And, hope you will pass it on to others to spread wisdom across our precious Gaia.

Who This Course is For…

This course is an advanced training for those with experience in energy medicine. It is perfect for experienced energy healers, leaders, spiritual teachers, earth-keepers, earth empaths, sensitives, nature intuitives, ceremonialists, light-workers, way-showers, land stewards, land care-takers, farmers, permaculture practitioners, elemental alchemists, and those that love Mother Earth and wish to awaken soul remembering.

If this is new for you, consider taking my foundational self-study course on land honoring Sacred Earth Connection before you take this course.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Learn how to honor land as sacred as you move into deeply connected relationship with nature, land, and the sacred spirits of Gaia—fairies, elementals, ancestors.
  • Offer beautiful rituals and energy clearing practices to awaken your land.
  • Awaken relations between humanity and the unseen spirits of place and an honoring of the evolutionary ascension process we are currently engaged in that is calling us forward.
  • Use your mastery to offer energetic protocols, boundaries, intuitive land honoring practices, tools, techniques, and ceremony for the benefit for all of creation.
  • Learn how to connect more deeply with your land… and your place on Gaia.
  • Land wants to be awakened and aligned with you in shared purpose so we will listen and offer up what we can to the lands where you live.  
  • Receive nature attunements, joyful nature spirit communication, healing activations, and even cosmic frequency upgrades to empower your multidimensional abilities as a Land Alchemist. 
  • Co-create new sacred spaces and places of harmony & healing on Gaia. You will learn how to set sacred space and boundaries to be safe and aware.
  • Spiritually-guided meditative journeys will help you connect and listen to your home lands and what they need. Land Alchemy Handbook will help you achieve this.
  • Use simple yet profound intuitive techniques, tools, practices for lands and waters where you live. 
  • Practice and learn how to listen, envision, and co-create with the land spirits to clear, harmonize, balance, restore land and waters of Gaia. 
  • Explore and discover new earth practices as well as remember and access ancient wisdom teachings and lineage remembering.
  • Fairies, dragons, trees, mountains, devas, ancestors, and elementals will work in council with you to optimize places and spaces.


“Your course is so filled with love, magic, knowledge, and wisdom.”

—Lene, Norway (Sacred Earth Connection)

“Camilla can guide you with joy into the magical realms of the fairies and elemental spirits of land. She knows us, we know her, and she will grace your life and lands. We recommend her highly!”

—The Fairies

“My experience continues to enrich every facet of my life. Walking into the forest and on the land is filled with so much gratitude and reverence. Camilla’s lifetime of knowledge and teaching are invaluable.  I’ve never met a human so completely committed to the Earth and her people as she is.  Her selfless service shines as bright as the sun.” 

—Cindy, Portland, Oregon

“My experience was magical and life changing.”

—Stacey, Oregon 



Testimonial from BZ Riger

Land Alchemy course Offers You …

  • Honoring and empowerment of your own unique gifts, ways, practices, essence, role on earth
  • Learning and practice using intuitive tools, techniques, earth-based ways
  • Ceremony, ritual, lightwork for land, water, and planetary healing
  • Guided meditations to harmonize and heal your own house, office, land, water (distance healing)
  • Nature attunement to connect with new earth energies and intuitive nature spirit relations 
  • Spiritual and healing activations to upgrade your body’s frequencies and light quotient
  • Learning magical secrets—honor treasures (and traumas) held in the landscape and how our bodies mirror Gaia.

This course EmpowerS You to Offer Land Alchemy in Your Own Unique Way 

by Providing You with a Solid Foundation of Tools, Wisdom Teachings, & Land Honoring Practices


Thank You for Opening Your Heart to the Spirits of Land

Land Alchemy Course (Self-Study) 

  • Easy & Fun Online Portal

  • Energy Medicine Practices & Protocols
  • Co-Create Land Harmony with Spirits of Land
  • Self-Paced Learning & Land Rituals 
  • Become a Land Alchemist

Land Alchemy Online Course coming soon

Land Alchemy Online Course 4 Payments coming soon

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Group Mentorship in Land Alchemy

  • Land Alchemy Online Course above is required—it is our syllabus.
  • Circle with supportive community for discussion, learning, Q & A, meditations, attunement, and more.
  • Zoom Live & Recorded Sessions
  • Begin Fall 2022 

Group Mentorship – Annual Payment coming soon

Group Mentorship – Monthly Pay Plan coming soon


4-Day Land Alchemy EventS