Land Healer Training

Learn sacred intuitive earth-based practices, rituals, tools, techniques to become a Land Healer of Land Light Alchemy with mastery in land subtle energy clearing, harmonizing, balancing, Mother Earth light restoration. The work aligns you in co-creative relationship with the spirits of land and cosmos: Fairies, Elementals, Devas, Trees, Dragons, Indigenous Spirits, & Ancestors of Mother Earth.

Watch the Video Replay of 2021 Zoom Event Here

Fall 2022 (mid-Sept ~ Nov)

10 weeks of zoom live Land Healer Trainings and/or recorded Class Replays 

+ Private Mentorship Session 1-hour 

+ Memberpress Class Portal with all materials (access for 2 years)

We will explore and discover new earth ways and remember ancient wisdom teachings as we learn to listen, envision, and co-create with the land spirits to clear, harmonize, balance, restore land and waters of Mother Earth. This is an awakening of relations between humanity and the unseen spirits of place and an honoring of the evolutionary ascension process we are currently engaged in that is calling us forward.

During the 10 weeks, you will awaken and receive nature attunements, joyful nature spirit communication, healing activations, and even cosmic frequency upgrades to empower your multidimensional abilities as a Land Healer.

We will dive deep into how to use Earth School’s intuitive techniques, tools, practices for lands, waters, and Mother Earth. You will go on spiritually-guided meditative journeys to connect and listen to the lands and what they need.

You will learn how to connect more deeply with your land… and your place on earth.

And… now, you can help other do the same.

This is a first level training to become a Land Healer of Land Light Alchemy (Land Alchemist) through Earth School. We will focus on practices to energetically clear, balance, and harmonize your house (or office) and land where you live to begin with and then move on to practicing Land Light Alchemy with other houses, businesses, lands, and waterways.

These classes are advanced teachings for experienced light-workers, energy healers, spiritual teachers, leaders, earthkeepers and waterkeepers. If this is new for you, consider taking my foundational self-study course on land honoring: Sacred Earth Connection before you take this course.


Land Healer Training Offers You …

  • Community circling for support, discussion, sharing ways, activation
  • Honoring and empowerment of your own unique gifts, ways, practices, essence, role on earth
  • Learning and practice using intuitive tools, techniques, earth-based ways
  • Ceremony, ritual, lightwork for land, water, and planetary healing
  • Guided meditations to harmonize and heal your own house, office, land, water (distance healing)
  • Nature attunement to connect with new earth energies and intuitive nature spirit relations 
  • Spiritual and healing activations to upgrade your body’s frequencies, access Lemuria, Avalon, other Golden Ages, and awaken abilities to offer Mother Earth restoration, repair, and peace
  • Raising of your vibrational frequencies and capacity to carry and hold light, new earth energies, light codes, galactic information to align with earthwork
  • Learning magical secrets—treasures and traumas held in the landscape and how our bodies mirror the earth!

Trainings Empower You to Offer Land Healing in Your Own Unique Way by Providing You with a Solid Foundation of Tools, Wisdom Teachings, & Practices

In 10 Land Healer Trainings, We Will Cover These Topics: (may vary)

  • Introduction to Land Light Alchemy, Fairy Activism, Energy Clearing for Land, Water
  • Preparation: Personal Energetic Body Alignment
  • Land Honoring Practices: Intentions, Offerings, Land Prayers, Ritual, Ceremony, Land Listening
  • Honoring Indigenous Lands; Making Amends with Land Spirits & Indigenous Ancestors
  • Land Altars: Ancestral Altars, Fairy Altars
  • Magical Gardens
  • Meeting Land Spirits, Deva, Guardians; Working with Your Land Council
  • Clearing Energy Cords from Land; Clearing Soul Aspects, Emotions, Personal Attachments, Traumas from Land
  • How to Create Simple Crystal Grids for Home/Land Harmony
  • Correcting Geopathic Stress from Underground Water
  • Using Tools for House Harmony – Sound, Flower Essences, Pendulum…
  • Flower Essences for Land, Water; Making Flower Essences
  • Vortexes – Dragon Guardians, Clearing, Closing, Re-balancing, Planetary Work
  • Color, Light-Filling, Vibrational Frequency Healing of Mother Earth
  • Anchoring Divine Blueprint (Template) of Land Purpose
  • Clearing Historical Imprints, Memories, Old Experiences, Attachments, Trauma from Land
  • Mother Trees and Plant Relations
  • Element Balancing: Fire, Earth, Air, Water
  • Co-Creating with Elemental Fairies, Gnomes, Dragons, Mer
  • Ancestor Spirit Communication
  • How to Honor & Release Ghosts, Spirits, Nature Beings, Ancestors
  • Death Ceremony for Releasing “Death” Energy from Land
  • Land Soul Retrieval; Releasing Soul Contracts with Land/Homes
  • Ancestral Healing, Relationship to Homelands, Soul Retrievals Involving Land
  • Dragons & Leylines
  • Fairy Realm Journeys on Behalf of Land
  • Connecting with Crystalline Grid of Mother Earth

My goal is to facilitate and guide your learning process. I celebrate your self-expression and want to help you access, activate, and embody your true power which comes through healthy relationship with Spirit and Earth. I intent to offer practices and ways to can attune, receive, integrate, and then truly embody Land Light Alchemy work in your special way. And, pass it on to others to spread the healing across the world.

Toltec Energy Healer Brenda Salgado spoke at the Fairy Congress this year and said that there is a great need to clear the lands. There will be ceremony coming that needs land that is clear and ready. Land that is not full of old energies, emotions, traumas. There will be a need for places that we can hold grieving and other ceremony. When we energetically clear and harmonize Mother Earth, she can easily absorb our discarded energies and compost our tears.

10 class training to become a Land Healer in Land Light Alchemy includes extra support materials, flower essences for land, videos, checklists, invocations, land prayers, songs, plus Invitations to attend: land healing, ritual, ceremony (online or on location).

Register Here to Become a Land Healer – Fall 2022 (coming soon)


1 hour private mentorship with Camilla Blossom

Class fee*: $885 US full payment due Sept 12th 2022 


Payment plan*: Three $300 US monthly payments (1st payment due Sept 12th 2022)