Mentorship with Camilla

Land Light Alchemy • Land Honoring Ceremony • Land energy clearing

Intuitive Healing Session • Healing Ceremony • Flower Essence Reading

Open new doorways, clear blocks, and open to initiatory awakening experiences to honor your soul evolution, ascension, and gifts. My intention is to empower, catalyze, and activate healers, earth empaths, starseeds, light-workers, nature intuitives, and creative souls to new awareness and light.

As a soul midwife, I offer (or you can request) spiritual counseling, healing ceremony, energy healing, intuitive healing with fairies, elementals, Grandmothers (sacred feminine source energy), unicorns, ancestral lineage healing, grounding practices, plant spirit medicine, flower essence oracle reading, flower essences (add-on).

My Specialties

  • Co-Creating with Nature Elementals

  • Spirit Grandmother Healing

  • Flower Essences

  • Ancestor Healing

  • Spiritual Initiations & Rebirthing

  • Fairy Realm Awakening

  • Unicorn Soul Healing

  • Plant Spirit Medicine, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy

  • Inner-Child Emotional Healing

  • Grief & Loss 

  • Grounding

  • Womb Healing – Women Support & Empowerment

  • Issues of Self-Worth, Value, Confidence 

  • Earth Wisdom Teachings & Healer Training

  • 5D Small Business Abundance

  • Lemurian Activation & Crystalline Water Healing

  • Empath & Earth Empath Support

  • Finding Home—Moving from or to Land

Healing Sessions via Zoom or in Vancouver, WA

  • Phone or Zoom: 1 hour $125; 90 minutes $185; 2 hour $250
  • Session in Vancouver, WA: 1 hour $125; 2 hours $225

ADD-ON: Custom Flower Essence Formula 2 oz. bottle $33 (includes US shipping)

Speaking, Guest Teaching, Land Light Alchemy for Event & LandS

For more information on hosting me for an event, land teachings, or more, see Media & Speaking page or use the Contact Form below.

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