Intuitive Healing Session • Healing Ceremony

Open new doorways, clear blocks, and open to initiatory awakening experiences to honor your soul evolution, ascension, and gifts. My intention is to empower, catalyze, and activate healers, earth empaths, starseeds, light-workers, nature intuitives, and creative souls to new awareness and light.

As a soul midwife, I offer (or you can request) spiritual counseling, healing ceremony, energy healing, intuitive healing with fairies, elementals, Grandmothers (sacred feminine source energy), unicorns, ancestral lineage healing, grounding practices, plant spirit medicine, flower essence oracle reading, flower essences (add-on).

Phone or Zoom:

  • 30 minutes $77
  • 1 hour $125
  • 90 minutes $185

Flower Essence Add-on:

  • 2 oz. bottle $36 (includes shipping USA)

Contact Camilla 775-721-0358 (call/text) or to schedule a session.


Mentorship with Camilla

Learn ancient wisdom teachings, intuitive tools and techniques, and practices for the evolving New Earth. I will guide, support, and mentor you in honing your gifts and skills and expanding your potential as an earth ambassador, nature intuitive, empath, light-worker, teacher, guide, healer, creative or alchemist. Tailor your program to your schedule and what you want to learn.

Phone or Zoom:

  • 1 hour $150
  • 90 minutes $225
  • 8-hour mentorship package (payment plans available) $998
  • 16-hour mentorship package (payment plans available) $1676

Consider group mentorship with Earth Mystery School. Next program begins June 2021.

Land Light Alchemy • Land Honoring Ceremony

Harmonize, clear, enlighten land’s purpose and subtle energy beauty while opening in relationship with the spirit of place. We will connect with the land deva, guardian, elementals, ancestors, fairies, animals, plants, and/or buildings in a respectful way to explore, communicate, offer energy medicine and clearing practices, and to learn what is needed for harmony and greater peace.

Land Light Alchemy is useful for…

  • connecting to future house/rental
  • moving to new home
  • moving out
  • childhood home – soul retrievals
  • home expansion & landscaping
  • fairy/elemental/ancestral spirit peace
  • land harmonizing, clearing, ghosts
  • land trauma/historical imprinting

Phone or Zoom:

  • 90 minutes $225


  • $225 per hour plus expenses
  • You will receive a written follow-up report with recommendations.

Contact Camilla 775-721-0358 (call/text) or to schedule a session.