Hawaii Mystical Tour

Dragon Fire ~ Elemental Dance of Creation

Do You Want to Experience Greater Joy?

Join Earth School’s mystical tour and experience sacred rituals & trance journeying guided by Pele, Dragon Elementals, Star Dolphins, and Camilla Blossom Bishop.

Visit high vibrational magical places—tropical gardens, ocean beaches, Sapphire Mer Cove—on Dragon Isle in an intimate group experience beautiful connections with elemental energies of the land, Fire, and Water. Camilla holds sacred space to empower soul remembering… and healing states of being.

Inner-Fire Initiation~ Connect with the spirit of Fire through Volcanic Goddess Pele and your own Fire Dragon Elemental. Receive fire element transmissions for empowerment, transformation, kundalini, and creativity activation.

Pele’s Flower Essences~ Experience uplifting frequencies of flowers, trees, and lava.

Dragon Earth Alchemy~ Practice working with dragons and elemental energies for planetary clearing. Group healing journeys to give back to Mother Earth and align with our greater purpose as energetic earth stewards.

Dolphin Boat Tour~ Swim and commune with playful dolphins and connect with star family.

Answer the Calling of the Dragons & Dolphins

Receive and Offer Planetary and Personal Healing in the Land of Lemuria

Dragon Fire details…
You are responsible for booking and making flight, car rental, and accommodation arrangements for your stay on the Big Island. We have a camping area that you can book on-line. Spenser State Park. For 3 days, we will be visiting places south and north of Kona-Kailua on the Big Island. We will do our best to have daily car transport for those who need it.
Event dates:
March 25-27, 2019
Day 1 Monday 10 AM – 6 PM meet up and visit Sapphire Mer Cove north of Kona.
catered lunch, snacks, optional dinner together (bring cash)
Day 2 Tuesday 10 AM – 6 PM meet up and visit Peace Gardens, dolphin beach (Keylakekua Bay), and Lemurian temple
catered lunch, snacks, optional dinner together (bring cash)
Day 3 Wed 6 AM (approx) – 6 PM meet at docks and go out on dolphin/whale watching boat
lunch on boat, optional dinner together (bring cash)
Kona Airport
Arrive by Sunday March 24th.
Event begins March 25th 10 AM.
Depart anytime after event 8 PM March 27th.
Accommodations recommended:
Mangano Hotel
Capt Cook, Hawaii
or AirBNB
Camping recommended: 
Spenser Beach Park is primary location for event. You can reserve on-line. We will have a group gathering at this beach.
Ho-okenna Beach (2nd option). You can reserve on-line.
non-residents $21/night per person.
Contact Camilla for more information and to hold your space and/or register. Camillablossom1111@gmail.com.
Deposit: $400 (nonrefundable) Register here to hold your place. Contact me for Hawaii resident discount.
Early Bird Special $650
After February 1st $695
After March 1st $725
Registration fee includes garden entry fee, teachings, flower essences, catered lunch, art supplies, and dolphin boat trip.
Registration fee do not include flight, accommodations (camping or hotel), tips, some meals, snacks, purchases, parking fees, or other entrance fees.
Call Camilla 775-721-0358 for more information.

Can’t Make these Dates?

Book Your Own  Solo or Group Retreat

Dragon Fire ~ Elemental Dance of Creation

 Book an Earth School Mystical Tour & Puna Retreat 

 Big Island Hawaii  March or April 2019

All details are taken care of…

Just book your flight, and we will do the rest. Camilla will tailor and delight you with a mystical adventure for your solo trip or family or group adventure. Come for personal healing, nature connecting experiences, luscious Hawaiian flower essences, dolphin ocean play, or for an elemental dance of creation to empower your creativity/sexuality. Puna is the New Earth—powerful energy for birthing new creations.

  • Creative Inner-Fire Blessing with Dragon Spirits & Goddess Pele
  • Dolphin Sound-Light Healing Transmissions (Dolphin Boat options)
  • Hawaiian Flower Essence Making & Healing Floral Baths
  • Tropical Garden Tour & Shamanic Elemental Healing

Stay at the magical tropical Puna retreat center and enjoy delicious home-made tropical vegan food, comfortable/affordable accommodations, lovely hosts and fun community. We will do land ritual, elemental connecting at nearby ocean locations, visit botanical gardens, or meditate with the flowers. What’s your dream?

Contact Camilla for more information: 775-721-0358

Date Options: March 8 – April 15th. Hilo (Big Island) Airport pickup available.


Camilla Blossom Bishop, Guide

Camilla’s passion and work has centered on attuning to and engaging with the spiritual and subtle energy of the earth—flowers and plants, elementals, devas, nature and fairy realms, and ancestors of land. She is a pioneering flower essence maker (author of the book, Sacred Spirit of The Gorge~ Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and Essences of Place; creator of Sacred Spirit Deck wildflower cards; flower essence maker, Sacred Spirit Kit) and had a successful flower essence practice, educational center, and business for many years in Hood River, Oregon. In 2011, Camilla began traveling and offering water, land, and ancestor healing ceremony and planetary healing work with a Native American elder. When she returned to Oregon, she co-created a Findhorn-like nature sanctuary with the spirits of land in Mosier. In 2017, Pele and fire dragon elementals called her to the erupting volcanic island of Hawaii for initiation and planetary healing work. Back in the Pacific Northwest, Camilla founded Earth School where she shares experiential teachings and ways of land honoring, clearing, and giving back through an on-line school, workshops, Earth Camps, Earth Mystery School, and elemental ceremony. She is an land alchemist, elemental alchemist, flower essence alchemist, land whisperer, nature intuitive, and soul midwife. CamillaBlossom.com


Magical Retreat Center, Puna (Hilo Airport)

Nestled in the flowering and fruiting trees is a beautiful retreat center about 8 miles from Pahoa, Puna. Just minutes from the ocean in a quiet tropical jungle, the Native Hawaiian Grandmothers prayed that this land would be used for healing purposes. After spending a delightful healing week on the land, the cacao trees and Grandmothers blessed me and invited me to come and share my medicine and teachings with others on the land. There is a lovely sanctuary building, outdoor community kitchen and living space, outdoor shower, cabins, and many flowers and fruits including fresh coconut juice for breakfast. Hosts Victoria & Gray are warm and inviting and gifted in their own medicine path.