Grandmother Lodge

Grandmother Lodge

Anchoring Your Place of Wisdom in Sacred Community

Guided Monthly by Camilla Blossom

Join us on an Ascension Journey to Grandmother’s Etheric Lodge…

Are you ready to move fully into your path in this new world we are birthing?

Join us on a sacred journey to connect with the wisdom keepers of the natural world, the stars, and within as we commit to the path of evolving into our highest expression in a circle of supportive, empowering community. We will weave sacred community to help you awaken your inner wisdom and remember the role you came to earth to serve. It is time to remember.

Anchoring Your Unique Role at this Time of Ascension

Here is the moment where you can choose to step forward and embrace new ways using the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Ancient Ones to guide you forward. The Spirit Grandmothers carry the power of the sacred feminine and bring forward medicine of the elders in feminine/masculine balance for the people of planet earth.

Grandmother Lodge is a place you can be safe to journey deeply into the realms of spirit and nature to awaken and embody your soul lineage gifts.

You Are the Light!

You are a lighthouse of massive beauty and potential. Let’s light ourselves up and bring through self-expression with the support of others on the path of awakening. You will have space to practice stepping up as a leader, healer, way shower, lightworker, empath, earth ambassador, earthkeeper, caretaker, alchemist to co-create, manifest, and weave new realities and new relationships into being. 

Let our ascension process awaken ourselves and bring unlimited offerings for personal and planetary healing of lands, waters, and all beings of Mother Earth… and beyond.

Join me on a sacred journey of ascension in Grandmothers Lodge.

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom & Reach Your True Potential!

January 2021 ~

STAR NATIONS Grandmother – Tewate

Grandmother Lodge

In January 2021, we look up into the starry night skies to connect with Star Nations Grandmother, Tewate. We will enter Grandmother Lodge together. You may find inspiration and a new perspective through deep connection with Tewate… or… Tewate may be the One who opens a new door for you. A door to enter into relationship with a Star Being or Cosmic Ancestor… or… Tewate may help you connect with a new quality, your inner-wisdom, a spirit guide, or an aspect of nature. Regardless of the way your teachings flow, Tewate has seeds for you to plant—seeds of peace. She helps you see the world in a new way… and without judgement.


January 27th 2021 (Wednesday) 4:00 – 6:00 pm pacific time (join live Zoom or listen to recording)

Grandmother Lodge Part 1: 

  • Introductions
  • Wisdom Teachings from Star Nations Grandmother Tewate
  • Guided Meditative Journey to Etheric Grandmother Lodge to connect with Tewate & Star Ancestors
  • Group Sharing


  • Practice Grandmother Ritual you are given
  • Private Facebook Group – sharing & interaction option
  • Take the Star Grandmother Essence to infuse yourself with the vibrational frequencies of Tewate. (optional purchase)

February 6th 2021 (Saturday) 10:00 am – 12:00 noon pacific time (join live Zoom or listen to recording)

Grandmother Lodge Part 2: 

  • Star Nations Practices to empower communication, inner-wisdom, intuitive leadership
  • Share life experiences & insights in sacred circle
  • Medicine songs & art
  • Community sharing of art, song, poetry, projects, influences inspired by Grandmother Tewate


  • Continue to enjoy practices and foster relationship
  • Private Facebook Group (Grandmother Lodge) sharing & interaction is open to all Grandmother Lodge attendees anytime

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Recommended Reading: We will be working with the Grandmothers as shared in the book Visions of Wisdom: Messages from the Spirit Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers, Dolphins & Whales Publishing, by Judith K. Moore & Sean Sands

Weave Sacred Community inTo Grandmother Lodge


Hi, I am Camilla. I am a messenger for the wisdom of the Grandmothers—sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth and Cosmos. Elementals speak through me. I am founder of Earth School, an earth intuitive, energy healer, and flower essence educator with a strong relationship to the Faery realms. I love to share and catalyze gifts of insight within souls on the path of awakening. My gentle, calm, motherly presence offers a nurturing, peaceful, and safe place to explore the mystical and magical worlds within, in nature, and in the spiritual realms of the Ancient Ancestors.


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More Monthly Lodges to Come…

Enter the etheric lodge & initiate a deeper connection with the forces of creation through the Grandmothers.

  • IshnataeAncient Stone Grandmother Lodge.Connect to the spirit Grandmothers, Ancestors, and Ancient Ones through the stone beings to experience guidance on your path. Sept 2000

  • Eniska, Womb Grandmother Lodge. Feel held in the loving womb of Creation in Grandmothers Lodge. Allow healing, renewal, and rebirthing of your true self. Oct 2000

  • Wambasa, Clan Grandmother Lodge. Connect and align with your clan through your animal totem and community relationship for a deeper sense of belonging. Dec 2000

  • Tewate, Star Nations Grandmother Lodge. Explore and engage with the wisdom of the Star Ancestors. Jan 2021
  • Wawa Shawey, Grandmother of Peace, Messenger of White Animals Lodge Feb 2021
  • Te Wanee, Grandmother of the Earth Spirits, Guardians of Life & Death
  • Otoncha Shei, Spiral Dancer Grandmother
  • Ohm Ma, Place of Potential Grandmother
  • Awa Pia, Night Owl Grandmother
  • Pei Yah, Guardian of Earth Knowledge & Plant Medicines
  • Montu, Timeless One
  • Awak Shema, Star Dancer
  • Shan Ka Shea Awanie, Heartbeat Grandmother
Learn more about The 13 Spirit Grandmothers in this video: