Flower Essences

Delight in the joy of vibrational flower healing.

Below is information about my book on flower essences, Sacred Spirit Deck, and the 44 flower essences featured in my book that are available as a kit: Sacred Spirit Kit. I also am available to create a custom flower essence formula. Book a Healing Session


Flower Essence Book

Sacred Spirit of The Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and Essences of Place

by Camilla Blossom Bishop

“What are flower essences? Flower essences are an unscented water-based solution, a healing water, that is vibrational in nature and contains the healing Qi (life force imprint) of a flower, plant, tree, etc. They are made by placing flowers in a glass bowl of water in the sun, or moon, and allowing the Qi of the flower to be consciously transferred into the water by the radiating action of the sun. The water carries the flower’s essence and is then preserved with brandy, glycerine, or vinegar to become a Mother Essence. Flower essences are considered vibrational medicine (ie, sound healing, crystals, homeopathy) and are commonly stored in glass dropper bottles.”

“Flowers help us open our hearts. The light we take in from flower essences actually feeds and nourishes our nervous system and opens our evolutionary flowering process by harmonizing the relationship between our personality and true spiritual self. I believe flowers are keys. Keys that open our hearts.”

“Taking flower essences opens us to nature’s magic and communication with nature spirits, fairies, Devas, and elementals. My communication with the fairy realms and nature spirits has been strongly enhanced by using flower essences. They catalyze our ability to connect with nature and the spirit that animates the green realms. Working with flower essences personally, I’ve had many experiences of flower fairies entering my body to offer healing to my heart or places in my body that need love and healing life-force. My client, a massage therapist, reported seeing fairies for the first time when she started using flower essences in her practice. The fairies looked like dancing sparkling lights on the patient’s throat chakra. A yoga instructor saw auras that she doesn’t normally see—beautiful green light coming from a healer’s hands. Another woman started planting wildflowers around her house and began communicating with the flowers in new ways. She opened her heart to new friendships with flowers.”

“New alignment we receive from essences helps us rise above and ease release of old patterns of struggle around duality, polarity, and judgment. Flower essences help make change smoother and more integrated and supportive to all other healing modalities. Collectively and individually, we are freeing our soul of karma, imprints, emotional habits, and mental patterns that sink us into the old paradigm.”

The suggested use of flower essences is to add 3-6 drops from the dropper bottle to drinking water or take directly under the tongue. Take 2-3 times per day or as needed. Flower essences can also be added to bath water, sprays, recipes, tea, herbal tinctures, and on the earth and in waterways as an offering of gratitude and vibrational medicine.


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Sacred Spirit Deck

Explore the plants and places of The Columbia River Gorge

by Camilla Blossom Bishop

Connect and commune with the sacred spirit that lies within the native regional plants and powerful places of The Columbia River Gorge. Forty-four beautifully photographed images taken in Oregon and Washington inspire you to create sacred relationship with the spirit of lands, wildflowers, waterfalls, mountains, trees, moss, and rivers. Each card offers an affirmation of healing and hope to uplift your spirit and affirm your connection with the sacred spirit of nature… and your own healing nature. Find out where to see the wildflowers—Camilla reveals her favorite places! Compliment to the book.


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Sacred Spirit Kit

Includes 44 Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences in 2 box set, Sacred Spirit Deck, and the book: Sacred Spirit of The Gorge Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place.  




44 Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences

Here are 44 wildflowers featured in my Sacred Spirit Deck and book: Sacred Spirit of The Gorge Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place.  



Angelica genuflexa

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am an Earth Angel”

Angelica grows to reach the Heavens. Its spirit can help open an inner sense of spiritual or angelic light and help you know that you are protected and connected to spiritual assistance always.

Ball-head Waterleaf

Hydrophyllum capitatum var. thompsonii  

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I open to the flow of life”

The ball-shaped flower-head blooms in all directions like an expanding mind. Ball-head Waterleaf stimulates the flow of energy in the crown of your head and activates the potential for new forms of inspiration.


Balsamorhiza sagittata

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I grow into my full potential”

An elder plant, Balsamroot grows ten years before the flowers bloom and live 60-70 years. This radiant teacher plant shows you how to mature into your masculine (or inner-masculine) wisdom, patience, and deeply rooted leadership potential.

Barrett’s Penstemon

Penstemon barrettiae

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I know I can fly”

Are you standing on the edge of a cliff getting ready to take a leap of faith? Barrett’s Penstemon will help you trust that you will land safely. Go ahead and take the leap. This wildflower grows high in the basalt cliffs of The Gorge and nowhere else on earth.

Beacon Rock

Affirmation of Place: “I honor the sacred lands and walk with The Ancestors”

CalledChe Che op tin, navel of the world, Beacon Rock is a Native American gathering site. The spirits of the land welcome people to gather here, walk with them, and celebrate life. Walk with loving intention and you will feel a sense of belonging wherever you are.

Bleeding Heart

Dicentra formosa  

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I cleanse my heart with love”

You’ll find the delicate heart-shaped flowers in the moist woods where the fairies hang out. This wildflower wants to remind you create an open space for unconditional love in your heart. Breathe in love to fill it up often. That way it’s easier to cope with the loss of loved ones, relationships, and old attachments.


Ranunculus species 

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “It’s time to play!”

Buttercup petals are lustrous like sunshine. The fairies of Buttercup delight in expanding your ability to play and experience the sweet innocence and wonder of a precious, magical child. This wildflower expands your self-worth and capacity for fun.

California Poppy

Eschscholzia californica  

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I love myself; I value myself”

The vibrant, shiny orange flower spirits help you claim, own, and treasure your own inner-beauty, light, and gifts. There is no need to project your magnificence onto others. Appreciate yourself more and your self-value will grow. You are precious.


Camassia quamash

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am open to everything, attached to nothing.”

In making a flower essence of Camas, I had a vision of a large Native American chief spreading his arms wide to form a rainbow and speaking the affirmation above. Camas blossoms mirror the quality of pure acceptance and appear like a serene sea of blue. The bulbs of the sacred Camas are gathered and eaten at Native American ceremonial feasts.


Catherine Creek Arch

Affirmation of Place: “I am a bridge to the cosmos”

This huge natural stone arch is also a bridge. Set against a basalt backdrop, this sacred site acts as a multidimensional portal connecting cosmic and earth consciousness. It opens a doorway to the Star Nations and transformative shamanic journeys. Respect the power of this place. It can help you remember your true origins.

Desert Sage

Artemisia tridentata

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I hold sacred space”

Desert Sage or Sagebrush is gathered and dried in a sacred manner and used in medicine pouches and bundles, ceremony, and burned as smudge before ceremony to cleanse the energy of space, people, and to honor the holy ones. The plant’s powerful cleansing and protective medicine can be experienced when you crush the highly aromatic leaves and smell them. Create sacred space for yourself with the spirit of Desert Sage.

Fairy Slipper Orchid

Calypso bulbosa

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I open to new adventures”

New paths and travels await you. Slip on a pair of fairy slippers and enter the hidden realms of Fairyland for a joyful excursion into your creative imagination. The spirit of the wildflower will help you go to new places… and find your way if you get lost.


Digitalis purpurea

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “Emotional vulnerability is a gift”

Pure white or pale purple fairy hats line foxglove’s stalk. Foxglove opens new chambers of the heart and can activate emotional honesty. This plant is used for medical heart patients to re-start their hearts. Does your heart need a jolt from the Foxglove fairies to wake you up right now to a greater capacity for emotional expression?

Green Bog Orchid

Platanthera aquilonis

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I align with the heart of Mother Earth”

This potent green wild orchid expands your capacity to feel love and receive the constant supply of nourishment from the earth. Green flowers are precious finds in nature as they harmonize the heart, awaken communication with the nature spirits, and inspire creativity. Green Bog Orchid grounds your heart into Mother Earth’s heart.

Heart-leaf Buckwheat

Eriogonumcompositum var. compositum  

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am comfortable with change”

The colorful flower Deva of the Heart-leaf Buckwheat whispered to me: “We are comfort food for the light body.” They remind you that it is best to relax, feel comforted, and go with the change, transition, and new life. Ask them to assist you when you feel out of control.


Delphinium nuttallianum  

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I delight in my true voice”

Fairies of the Larkspur flower love to sing. The buds look like musical notes dancing in the sky.

They want you to sing your heart’s song. Larkspur can lead you to de-light if you follow new paths of communication and unleash your creative expression.

Mock Orange

Philadelphus lewisii

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am one-of-a-kind”

Numerous delightfully and sweetly fragrant white blossoms spill from this unique small tree. Mock Orange may seem like a wanna-be Orange Blossom, yet she teaches that there is no need to aspire to be like another when your originality is a gift to the world.



Affirmation of Moss: “Nature hugs me with her love”

Moss hugs the earth, trees, stones, and your own body like a calming protective energy buffer—insulating you from life’s intensities. Let its water seep into your skin to receive the deep cellular nourishment of mossious light and love. Make space for renewal… preferably a moss bed.

Mt Hood (W’Yeast)

Affirmation of Place: “I ground and align with the crystalline grid of the mountain”

The mountain spirit holds high altitude divine consciousness and anchors it back on earth for grounding and stabilization. This mountain is quite young and active—a catalyst. I had a vision from high on Mt. Hood of many points of light or flowers. As each flower grew in power, its light radiated out more and more. All flowers of light connected together to form a grid. The grid was growing brighter and brighter with more and more flowers lighting up the planet. Align with the mountain to blossom with light.

Mt Hood Lily

Lillium Cascadia

Affirmation of The Wildflower: “I claim my divine beauty and space”

This pure white wild lily knows how to take up space and claim her full beauty and worth. Her tall height and delicious fragrance surprise many who find her in the forest. She reminds you to align with your pure divine essence and live large from this place. Claim sacred creative space for yourself. Lots of it!


Verbascum Thapsus

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am still in order to listen”

Are you willing to sit with Mullein and listen to your own higher guidance? This plant can help you align with the cycles of your own personal power. The plant grows fuzzy soft petals the first year and a tall, strong flowering stalk the second year. Mullein can balance yin and yang, help your honor the breath, and support community endeavors especially if everyone calls on the plant for assistance.

Multnomah Falls

Affirmation of Place: “I am the pure and precious essence of love”

People travel from all over the world to see Multnomah Falls because of its height, beauty, and mystique. The waterfall occupies the place of Mother waterfall for the region as she envelopes all in her love and care. Your gratitude honors water’s eternally giving nature and helps the spirit of Multnomah Falls purify, bless, and cleanse the land.

Ocean Spray

Holodiscus discolor

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I flow with grace”

These flowers spray their foaming sweet blossoms like waves in the wind. The energy of Ocean Spray is like a Goddess that answers to the rhythm of nature to balance the flow of your feminine (or inner-feminine) cycles. Ask the flower spirit to align you with healthy natural rhythms and cycles so everything can flow with ease.

Oregon Grape

Berberis aquifolium  

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I trust in myself”

The barbed leaves of Oregon Grape are prickly like holly, the berries are mouth-puckering sour and tart, yet the yellow blossoms are so sweetly scented and appear so trusting, vulnerable, and undefended. The state flower of Oregon populates wide areas in The Columbia River Gorge. You’ll never feel lonely if you befriend this plant.


Oregon Oak

Quercus garryanna

Affirmation of the Tree: “I am strong in purpose & joy”

Lean against an Oregon Oak tree to remember the need to yield to the strength of others at times. The Oregon Oak supports a great number of beings in its branches. If you support many others, you may see yourself in the Oregon Oak. If you feel joy, then this is your purpose. If not, then lean into the Oak.

Phantom Orchid

Eburophyton austiniae (Cephalanthera austiniae)

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I remove all blocks and interference”

The pure white Phantom Orchid appears as if it is a lantern shining brightly in the dark forest. One word came from its lips: illusion. The lantern lights the way towards Truth… if you are willing.

Poet’s Shooting Star

Dodecatheon poeticum 

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am fully present”

This beautiful flower points downward to the earth. The healing signature of downward pointing plants represents embodiment issues. The wildflower points to where you landed, where you belong, your home. Poet’s Shooting Star helps you bring your full attention and focus into being here, now, in your body.

Ponderosa Pine

Pinus ponderosa

Affirmation of the Tree: “I trust all is well”

Tall and silent guardians of The Gorge thrive in the heat and fire of the sun. Ponderosa Pine offers a deep-felt sense of innocence, peace, and trust in life. They hold a gentle, caring power. The bark smells like vanilla and appears as puzzle pieces. When it’s time for the pieces of your life to come together, sit with this tree.

Pungent Desert Parsley

Lomatium grayii

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I awaken to my true self”

The pungent scent of this wildflower wakes the senses and warms the body. Pungent Desert Parsley asks you to open your sensitivity as if you had antenna. Use this form of sensing to discover your world anew. What signals are you picking up?


Queen Bead Lily

Clintonia uniflora

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am a Queen of the Light”

The Queen holds the power of purification for the feminine body, emotions, and Soul. Let her deep compassion and grace model a new form of power steeped in love, kindness, and truth. Follow her path of light through the forest on full moon nights to awaken your inner-Queen. Let the moon reflect your beauty. too.

Red Columbine

Aquilegia Formosa

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I free my will”

Receiving what you truly want is your birthright. Nature wants you to fulfill your desires too. Your will is Divine will. Red Columbine helps you act from a place of knowing that you have the ability and confidence to create what you want and live out your dreams.

Red-flowering Currant

Ribes sanguineum  

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am supported”

Be calm, relaxed, and rooted in your foundation. Know that you are fully supported. You don’t have to try so hard. From this knowing springs forth a sense of inner courage. This plant gave me a vision of a Native American woman with Red-flowering Currant in her hand. She held the red blossoms over a baby’s lower back with loving care.

Silky Lupine

Lupinus sericeus

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I focus my mind”

Dance with the purple Goddess as she offers you mental clarity and new forms of expression and communication. Silky Lupine teaches non-verbal communication. Allow her to assist you in focusing and clearing the mind for meditation, channeling, and relating with mindfulness.

The Columbia River

Affirmation of Place: “The sacred journey of the heart begins at my source and flows into an ocean of oneness”

The Columbia River is a major artery of life-sustaining water for the planet and one of the few major rivers that runs East-West. Its source waters are in British Columbia, Canada and it flows and connects with hundreds of tributaries in Washington, Idaho, Oregon including the Snake River before it reaches the ocean. Thousands of salmon make the journey from birthplace to ocean and ultimately return home. When you bless the source-waters, your offering flows all the way to the sea.

The Forest

Affirmation of Place: “I walk deeper into my heart to feel who I am”

The Forest is a sacred place for spiritual connection, healing, beauty, and a greater sense of your true self.

Enter The Forest and breathe deeply. Allow yourself to feel at peace. Walk from your heart-center to attune to the language of nature and commune with the forest beings. Who are you now?


Tiger Lily

Lilium columbianum

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “Creating is my power”

The energy of a wild tiger merges with a gentle feminine lily to unleash the power of creation. Tap into your potent capacity for infinite expression. Fuel your life-force with wild abandon. This wildflower wants to be heard. “Create!” Tiger Lily shouts!


Trillium ovatum

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I rebirth my feminine”

Trillium is the midwife’s flower to support and assist all forms of birthing or re-birthing, because when the process begins there is no going back. The wildflowers purity, compassion, and strength of purpose are empowering. The healing signature of three petals and three leaves represents the power of Creation.

Wahclella Falls

Affirmation of Place: “I birth myself anew in the presence of the nature spirits”

This trail invites you on a journey into the magical, ancestral, and elemental realms of nature. Walk with the spirit of the wildflowers, Western Redcedar, waterfalls, a singing river, and massive moss-covered stone beings. The fairies, devas, gnomes, and water spirits alight around the sacred caves of Mother Earth’s body. Wahclella Falls is a Temple of Nature for the waters of your heart.

Western Redcedar

Thuja plicata

Affirmation of the Tree: “I am a Tree of Life”

The Tree of Life for the Pacific Northwest is honored for its food, medicine, shelter, transportation, and endless giving. Its wisdom is deep and ancient. Now, it is time to activate your energy like the Tree of Life—to become a conduit between heaven and earth as well. Your connection to earth and the heavens grants you full access to the wisdom of your ancestors and the ancient ones. When burned ceremonially, Cedar is purifying and healing.

Western Rhododendron

Rhododendron macrophyllum

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I enhance my experience of compassion”

A delightful surprise awaits you when you enter the dark forest where the wild Rhododendron flowers bloom. A shock of huge, pink, luscious blossoms color the woods with beauty and love. Dance in a circle around them—a dance of love and compassion for yourself.

White Salmon River

Affirmation of Place: “I remember! I am wild and free”

One of the biggest dam-release projects in history restored the lower section of the river after almost 100 years. The salmon quickly returned. The White Salmon River reminds you that full sovereignty belongs to every being: a river, a mermaid, ferns, salmon, and yourself.

Wild Rose

Rosa pisocarpa

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am passionate about life”

This gentle pink healer can help you open to more joy. Wild rose renews a tender heart and helps you repair, restore, and re-balance your nervous system. Let the sweet smell of Wild Rose activate your blossoming process.


Salix lucida sp.

Affirmation of the Tree: “I flow with forgiveness”

The flexible, fluid, and forgiving nature of Willow weaves beautiful, purposeful baskets to carry treasures of the earth. Native American Grandmothers sing The Willow Song and ask what kind of basket the particular tree or branch wants to become. The Spirit of Willow tells them.


Achillea millefolium

Affirmation of the Wildflower: “I am pure & strong”

Yarrow weaves a protective shield of white light within your aura to enhance your life-force energy, boundaries, and immunity. The plant can assist healers and those who like to help and nurture others. You can tell the plant is Yarrow by its feathery leaves and bitter scent.