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Flower Alchemy:

Awakening Spiritual Consciousness with Flower Essences
Self-Study Online Course 2023!


Take a Journey with the Spirits of the Green Realms—Flower Fairies, Devas, Spirits of Plants…

Open to the sacred healers, guides, and teacher plants and how they bring healing and enlightenment to your soul’s journey.

In these times of massive change, flower essences are the perfect emotionally supportive energy medicine to honor and activate your beauty, Truth, and transformational evolutionary blossoming.

Flower Essences are gentle and powerful medicine designed by Nature to help you sprout, grow, and blossom into your full creativity, self-expression, and spiritually expanded 5th dimensional soul gifts.


Join Camilla for Beautiful Videos of Flower Essence Teachings and Wisdom.

Experience for yourself the Magical, Energetic, Spiritual powers of fairies, devas, spirits of Pacific Northwest Wildflowers.

explore, discover, attune to Flower Essence Magic and Alchemy of Transformation: 

  • Video – Leading Edge Remedies + Guided Meditations with Mullein & Yarrow 
  • Video: Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Healing
  • Video: Flower Essences for Empaths, Sensitives, Boundaries + Guided Meditations with Angelica & Willow
  • Video: Selecting, Taking Flower Essences
  • Video: Lily Essences for Divine Feminine Rebirth + Guided Meditations with Trillium & Mt Hood Lily
  • Video: Water Elementals
  • Video: Creativity, Self-Expression, and the Violet Flame + Guided Meditations with Mock Orange & Lupine
  • Video: Co-Creative Relationship with Flower Fairy, Deva, Spirit of Plants
  • Video: Roots into Wings: Grounding + Soaring + Guided Meditations with Poet’s Shooting Star & Barrett’s Penstemon 
  • Video: Making Flower Essences and Formulas
  • Video: Place Essences for Belonging; Gem Elixirs for Crystalline Light + Guided Meditations with Mt Hood (W’Yeast), Beacon Rock, Forest Essence
  • Video: Flower Family Healing Qualities/Doctrine of Signatures

My book on flower essences (ebook is free with registration) will fill you in on any additional information you need to know to work with flower essences for yourself, others, or in your healing practice. It is an ongoing reference tool with 44 wildflower and place profiles and indications.

Nine flower essences (free with registration) will give you access to direct experiences of the magical frequencies of energy medicine and emotions, mental, and spiritual healing. 


AND… a very special expansion experience to set you on your path of flower alchemy…

Flower Fairy Queen’s Flower Essence INITIATION

Be attuned, activated, aligned to become a Flower Essence Alchemist in co-creation with Gaia and blessed by Flower Fairies, Devas, Spirits of Plants.


Here’s What Comes with the Course:

  • FLOWER ESSENCES BOX KIT: Receive 9 bottles (1 oz. stock bottles) of flower essences to start or expand your flower essence pharmacy, make dosage bottles, and formulas. (US shipping)
  • CLASS PORTAL: online access to all materials, videos, information, written materials, inspiration, and more.
  • E-BOOK: Sacred Spirits of the Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and Essences of Place by Camilla Blossom Bishop with 44 flower essence healing profiles and everything you need to know to work with flower essences and become a flower essence healer.
  • FORUM – Flower Alchemy Community Forum on SIGNAL APP
  • GROUP MENTORSHIP CALLS – Seasonal Group Mentorship on Zoom
  • DISCOUNTS – Private Mentorship Discount; Discounts on Flower Essence
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Who is Camilla?

Camilla Blossom is a Flower Alchemist and Fairy Queen.

She is a medicine woman and soul midwife who brought through expression of her lineage and soul gifts (Lemurian, Celtic) to culminate in a life of true blossoming… following her spiritual intuition and soul’s callings.

Her empathic nature, intuition, and high sensitivity are her gifts.

Her journey with flower essences began more than 30 years ago and expanded into her passion after a dark-night-of-the-soul postpartum experience in 1995.

In 2000, the flower fairies and devas called her to begin creating the Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences, start a business and flower healing practice, and teach flower essence healing to other practitioners and healers.

These beautiful years of service and joy with the flowers weaved strands of magic into more work traveling for water healing, Land Alchemy, and Light Gridwork for Gaia.

Camilla has made essences from flowers, trees, places, waters, crystals, and experiences in the Pacific Northwest, Maui, Kauai, Big Island of Hawaii, Sedona, Arizona, and Mt Shasta, California.  

She loves to hold sacred space for others and share access to the beautiful, colorful, sparkly energy medicine she loves so much. Her teaching style is very nurturing, relational, mothering, and kind.

And, Camilla is a wonderful catalyst who activates others to free up and express their magical, and sometimes hidden, gifts.

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Flower Alchemy

Awakening Spiritual Consciousness with Flower Essences

Earth Magic Journey of Flower Essence Healing & Spiritual Expansion

Course materials will be available as soon as they are created.

Register for Flower Essence Alchemy: 2023 Flowering Magic here with 1 payment of $385 or 3 payments of $133. 

Course includes:

  • Online Class Portal with all videos and materials
  • E-Book on Flower Essences
  • Flower Essence Alchemy Kit (9 flower essences, 1 oz)
  • Signal App – Flower Alchemy Community Forum 
  • Quaterly Group Mentorship Zoom Calls
  • Discounted Private Mentorship Calls


FE Kit

Book (paperback): Sacred Spirits of the Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and Essences of Place by Camilla Blossom Bishop. $19  

Deck (44 full-color cards, booklet, box) Sacred Spirit Deck by Camilla Blossom Bishop. $44

Full Kit (44 Flower Essences + Book + Deck + Boxes) Sacred Spirit Flower Essence Kit. $463 ($431 until Dec 31st, 2023)

Contact Camilla with questions: 


In Gratitude to the Flowers and Plants!