Flower Essence Education

An online self-guided course to open you to flower healing and communication by journeying with flower essences. Awaken your intuitive awareness, build trust in your knowing, and co-create magical relationships with plant spirits & fairy realms.  

Enter Your Garden of Abundance, Now.

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  • Group Mentorship with Camilla Blossom
  • Free Flower Essence Magic Kit (9 essences) 
  • Online Class Portal
  • Fairy/Plant Spirit Guided Meditative Journeys
  • Videos of Flower Teachings
  • Flower Essence Ebook by Camilla
  • Flower Fairy Queen Initiation into Flower Alchemy

“I feel abundant. I am going deep within—all the answers are already there!” [after using flower essences] ​


Get ready, because the wildflowers will teach you how to be more wild and free!

Imagine your creation center—your womb or hara space— filled with blooming wildflowers, magical trees, colorful fairies, devas, and high frequency energies to support you, to change you, to bless you with abundance! 

Feel the juicy bliss.

Flowers love to celebrate your creativity and expression

And, they love the opportunity to express their own beauty and radiance, too, through you.

Wildflowers offer their vibrational energy medicine as flower essences (also known as flower remedies). 

When you take and work with flower essences, they actually seed your body with magical energy frequencies to activate magical, gentle, sweet, and powerful awakenings or re-harmonizing within your creation center, where your creativity emerges.

You get to reclaim the abundant birthright of Gaia’s Garden and make it yours as you resonate with the color, beauty, joy, and magic of flowers.

Flowers want to help you evolve, grow, and blossom just like them…

They want you to express your beautiful voice, dance, song, art, and true self without limits.

Flower essences are Designed by Nature.

Flower essences are energy medicine for everyone! 

You, your clients, patients, pets, your homes, lands, waters, and even trees. 

I even use flower essences for spiritual and energetic healing in shamanic practices I call Land Alchemy with the Fay, elementals, spirits of land, and discarnate spirits. 

And you’re about to learn how to do the same!

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“It is incredible…the peace, excitement, and contentment I feel now. I no longer have the gut feeling that says something isn’t right. It is all falling into place. Flower essences helped me find balance in a way I wasn’t expecting.”


Here’s all the magic you’ll receive when you join…

  • Taste and experience the magic of each wildflower with a beautiful Flower Essence Magic Kit of nine essences in a box, free (USA shipping).
  • Super-easy online access via cell, ipad, or computer to all videos and class materials in our Class Portal. 
  • Meet, communicate, and access special healings and teachings with a Guided Meditative Plant Spirit Journey with each plant.
  • Receive a great reference tool to answer your questions, read flower profiles, and delight in flower essence teachings and stories from the E-Book: Sacred Spirits of The Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and Essences of Place by Camilla Blossom Bishop.
  • Receive a special Flower Essence Alchemy Initiation from the Fairy Queen herself to give you the spiritual access and wisdom to expand your work with flower essence healing.
  • Join a monthly Zoom online circle to meet others, make community, ask questions, and be inspired by each other’s work with flowers in the Group Mentorship with Camilla Blossom.
  • Camilla will cover all your questions in the Group Mentorship call even if you can’t attend. Group Mentorship video replays are available in the Class Portal and provide extra-special nurturing of your blossoming gifts

"Camilla is a magical flower shaman! She helps us cross the bridge to the realm of flower medicine!"


We are in The Age of Flowers 

This is a very potent time. Energy medicine tools can make a huge difference in your life… in how you flow through change, heal trauma, grieve during loss, and express your awakening gifts.

Flower essences help you find greater ease through nervous system calming in order to integrate and assimilate rapid change, healing, recovery, and spiritual awakenings so you can embody the ways of 5D (5th dimensional) new earth. 

Welcome to your multidimensional emergence of unity consciousness.

Essences help you stay grounded and fully present through it all. 

My beloved wildflowers live in the Pacific Northwest and they are waiting to meet you. To help you empower and embody magic and the alchemy of transformation. 

This is Your Invitation from the Wildflowers…

"Camilla is a healer's healer. My life's path has drawn me to many healers and energy workers over the last few years, and Camilla's way and work has been the most helpful, soothing and reassuring... It has been rare to find someone who has been able to reliably accompany me to the deepest and most fearful or painful places.”


Deepen your Relationship with Your Own Medicine

Beautiful, loving, flowers and trees invite you to transform into a more gifted medicine woman/man who embodies the medicine you offer.  

Flower Essence Magic is designed to create a sacred, safe space of love to introduce you to the flowers and trees that offer their healing essences so you can form your own relationships with them… and other plants you meet afterwards.

This course is all about giving yourself the space and grace to “listen” to the wildflowers and trees for their wise messages and guidance and healing ways. 

When you know your medicine, you become a medicine person

Not through information or book knowledge but through first-hand direct experiences with their frequencies and healing qualities and guiding relationships. 

This will make you a better healer and teacher.  

Forming a relationship with your medicine will help you hold it, offer it, and radiate it widely as a Flower Essence Alchemist and medicine person who works with plants.



“Camilla has been an answer to my heart’s yearning for a special kind of teacher that can teach in such a unique and evolving way. …our time has allowed me to open to see and know… what is cultivated is deep inner wisdom… and the result is… more trust in myself.”


Inside Flower Essence Magic, you’ll experience and explore:

  • Flowering of new possibilities in your life direction
  • More optimal healing outcomes for yourself and in your practice
  • Empowerment of your purpose and expression of your Flower Lineage
  • Awaken more creativity and more fun ways to express yourself 
  • Healing of your womb or hara (2nd chakra) for more pleasure, emotional balance, and self-expression
  • Heightened intuition with greater trust in what you receive
  • Awakened communication with flowers—spirits, fairies, devas
  • Healthier energetic boundaries for better relationships
  • Safe expression of most yin, pure, innocent aspects
  • Claim your authority as elder, leader, teacher, flower alchemist
  • More joy, pleasure, balanced emotions
  • Healing of split between sexuality and spirituality
  • Easier integration, assimilation, and embodiment through change and transformation

Experience for yourself the magical, energetic, spiritual powers of fairies, devas, spirits of Pacific Northwest wildflowers and trees.

The best way to learn about the flowers and their flower essence medicine is to have direct, personal experiences with them… 

in person, in the dreamtime, in plant spirit journeys, and to make conscious relationships with the fairy, deva, spirit so you can commune with them and know their healing gifts.

Not only are these relationships deeply harmonizing and balancing and helpful for your immunity and well-being, but this work is deeply fulfilling and fun!

The wildflowers and trees help you trust your inner-knowing to feel more confident in your wisdom.

Awaken Your Wise Inner-Shaman of the Flower Lineages

Spirit Grandmother Montu, the Timeless One, wanted her Grandmother Essence included in the course and Flower Essence Magic Kit so she can bring her comfort, love, and support to you.

Her medicine can help you anchor your own inner-wisdom by accessing the ancient wisdom of the Grandmothers and their connection to the Plant Realms and Mother Earth eons before cultures and traditions took hold.

Devic Fairy Queen Goddess of White Ray Awaits!

The Devic Goddess of the White Lilies asked me to be her voice as well.

She carries the magic of the White Ray of Purity and Peace and the healing that comes with pure white flowers that carry all colors of the rainbow.

She helps us celebrate the value of women and inspires deeply-held feminine worth to be lifted and celebrated with compassion.  


Yes, I want instant access to Flower Essence Magic!

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“... the essences under her [Camilla’s] guidance have assisted me in shifting my energy and ultimately, in changing my life enormously for the better. These are very high vibrational remedies and the beautiful part is that anyone can learn to work with them. Camilla is an effective and gentle teacher and I would recommend one of Camilla's courses to anyone who would like to add a healing modality to their practice or for their personal transformation.”


Take a sneak peek inside the course!


Magical Teachings, Activations, Guided Meditative Plant Spirit Journeys, & Fairy Queen Initiation

Explore, discover, attune to flower essence magic and the alchemy of transformation through the following lessons. 

  • Welcome to Flower Essence Magic

Get a sense of the course layout and find out the most potent and fun ways to benefit from the course video teachings, flower journeys, and working with flower essences.

  • Enhance Your Joy with Flower Essence Energy Medicine 

Get ready for a magical journey! Time to align your body with the magic of vibrational medicine to receive access to the energies, take a look at how alchemy works, and open to the beloved flower essences and their healing plant signatures.

  • Meet Grandmother Essence: Grandmother Montu to Anchor Your Inner-Wisdom 

Why Grandmother Essences?

Grandmother Montu’s Essence carries frequencies to help you anchor your new role on Earth moving forward.

Grandmother Montu anchors timelessness and the eternal state of hope, faith, and unity. Journey with Grandmother Montu to claim your authority as a Flower Alchemist. 

  • White Lily Essence: Align with Purity, Peace, & Self-Worth

Learn about Lily Family plant signatures and what they mean for feminine healing and rebirth. Receive an activation with the White Ray of Purity & Peace. 

White Lily makes a space of love for you to cleanse your emotions, honor your feelings, and expand into your full creative space. Plant Spirit Journey with White Lilies.

  • Mullein Essence: Hear Guidance from Your Higher Self

Plant Spirit Journey with Mullein leads us on a beautiful, empowering pathway illuminated by the Fire of a Mullein stalk. 

Mullein awakens you to the voice of your Higher Self and guides your way to truth and self-honesty. This sacred plant opens the door to your plant medicine path.

  • Barrett’s Penstemon: Open to Greater Trust, Freedom, Joy

Surrender and allow this wildflower to share its teachings and medicine to help you build trust in life as it supports your journey of joy. 

Free your fears and resistance so you can fly free and trust you will land safely. Plant Spirit Journey with Barrett’s Penstemon. 

  • Poet’s Shooting: Be Fully Present Now

Move into greater presence in the now moment as you embody your gifts and express your true Starseed or cosmic self. 

This essence heals birth trauma and encourages you to express your sensitivity and star gifts by being rooted into a sense of belonging on Mother Earth. Plant Spirit Journey with Poet’s Shooting Star. 

  • 3 Trees Essence Awakens Tree Magic and Strength 

Three trees teach you how to be strong and connected between heaven and earth. 

Allow the trees to ground you into the Crystalline Grids of Earth and the Sun with immense trust. 

Align with Gaia’s Ancient Crystalline Tree Grid for ascension activation, evolutionary awakening, and healing energies from trees. 

Tree Spirit Journey with Pine, Willow, Oak:

Willow Opens You to Magical Flow

Oak Sheds Duty to Activates Your True Purpose with Joy

Pine Brings Peace and Acceptance

  • Balsamroot: Ground into Your Full Potential, Leadership, Elderhood

Grandfather Balsamroot is a wise fatherly figure who can teach you healthy leadership, eldership, and grounded wisdom at any age through patience and maturity. 

This wildflower models graceful ways to age, step up into leadership, and move forward into your greater potential. Plant Spirit Journey with Balsamroot.

  • Silky Lupine: Dance with New Communication, Telepathy to Focus Your Intentions

Celebrate and dance with the purple Fairy Queen. Honor and open to telepathic experiences and 5D forms of communication and expression. 

Awaken your clairvoyance. Cultivate the awareness of your true beauty seen through the eyes of the flowers. Plant Spirit Journey with Silky Lupine.

  • Yarrow: Let the Warrior Help You Build Aura Strength, Energy Boundaries, Protection

Honor the Healer’s Healer, Yarrow. This healer and warrior plant has a lot to share about strength and protection as well as the importance of being vulnerable and open-hearted.. 

Strengthen your protective energy body aura and weave sacred energetic space around your body to set and communicate clear, healthy boundaries. Plant Spirit Journey with Yarrow.

  • Fairy Queen’s Flower Essence Initiation: Claim Authority to Be a Flower Alchemist

This Initiation from the Fairy Queen of Flower Essences will set you on your way to reclaim your Flower and Fairy Lineages. 

Claim your authority as a Flower Essence Alchemist in this ceremonial celebration, invocation, and activation. Bloom beautifully in Gaia’s Garden of Abundance. 

  • Flower Alchemy – Making Your Own Flower Essences to Tailor Healing to Your Needs

Delight in learning how to create your own flower essences. When you create your own medicine, you anchor in your alchemical frequencies to help yourself and others move through their evolutionary blossoming process. 

Flower essences can be made and offered to people, animals, lands, waters, trees, and even unseen elemental fairy realm beings. 

Spread Flower Essence Magic around the world.



“I first took White Lilies at a workshop led by Camilla where we were learning how to connect to our ovarian energy. We took a journey with white lily essence and I felt deep feminine, mermaid, and tree energy. I was transported into my womb space and it felt like a new celebration of the womb occurred within me. I am home, I felt. My ovaries began to speak to me. I knew my sensual self more deeply. Months later, I put White Lilies Essence in my bath and meditated with the goddess Venus. Venus taught me it is okay to take time to luxuriate and beautify myself. She taught me that I could surrender to my femininity. Taking this essence has also brought many opportunities into my path to heal my second chakra and relationship to sensuality.”


Is the Flower Essence Magic course perfect for YOU?

If the below is true for you, this journey was created just for you!

💓 You are on a healing path as a healer, shamanic practitioner, alchemist, leader, empath, sensitive, starseed, BlueRay, nature intuitive, herbalist, spiritual teacher, counselor, elder, mother, grandmother, fairy queen, priestess, energy-worker.

🌺 You are a Flower Essence practitioner and/or alchemist and want to deepen your wisdom of key flower essences for your energy medicine practice. 

🌲You are called to deepen co-creative relationships with plants, trees, flowers, and the spiritual realms of Nature.  

I made this journey for you!

 Well, actually, I made it with help from Gaia, the Fairy Queen, flower fairies, devas, gnomes, unicorns, trees, and my team of helpers. 


AND… a very special expansion experience to set you on your path of flower alchemy…

Fay Ceremony & Fairy Tea Party

Fairy Queen’s Flower Essence INITIATION  

Be attuned, activated, aligned to become a Flower Essence Alchemist in co-creation with Gaia and blessed by Flower Fairies, Devas, Spirits of Plants.

“I feel so supported by Camilla’s calm and wise presence. She deeply understands my spiritual process and that is so meaningful to me. I have really enjoyed and benefited from all our sessions: Ancestor Healing Ceremony a few years ago and the two recent flower essence readings. I wanted to let her know the power of this last remedy. I was … really calm for the first time in a long time. I had a profound insight… It was, as you say, expressing a buried truth. I felt it on a cellular energetic level.”


Here’s All the Magical Offerings You’ll Receive When You Join:

  •     FLOWER ESSENCE MAGIC KIT: Receive a bountiful green box of 9 flower essences (1 oz. stock bottles) to start or expand your flower essence pharmacy, make dosage bottles, and formulas. (US shipping)
  •     CLASS PORTAL: online access to all materials, videos, written materials, inspiration, and more.
  •     E-BOOK: Sacred Spirits of the Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and Essences of Place by Camilla Blossom Bishop with 44 flower essence healing profiles and everything you need to know to work with flower essences and become a flower essence healer.
  •     GROUP MENTORSHIP CALLS – Monthly Group Zoom Calls with Camilla to inspire working with flowers and community connection.

“My experience at Earth School continues to enrich every facet of my life. Walking into the forest and on the land is filled with so much gratitude and reverence. Camilla's lifetime of knowledge and teaching are invaluable. I've never met a human so completely committed to the Earth and her people as she is. Her selfless service shines as bright as the sun.”

Camilla copy

Hi, I’m Camilla!

I’m a Flower Alchemist, Fairy Queen, and voice of Gaia.

I love to express my lineage and soul gifts by co-creating a life of true blossoming… where I follow my spiritual intuition and soul’s callings and celebrate my creativity with abundance and gratitude. 

My gifts are my empathic nature, my intuition, and high sensitivity. These gifts make me highly suited to navigate and dance with the magical energy of flowers, fairies, and the spirit of land and water. 

Plus, I love being an energy healer and teaching and passing Mother Earth’s wisdom on.

My journey with flower essences began more than 30 years ago and became my passion after a dark-night-of-the-soul postpartum experience in 1995.

In 2000, the flower fairies and devas called me to begin creating the Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences, start a business and flower healing practice, and teach flower essence healing to other practitioners and healers.

These beautiful years of service and joy with the flowers wove many strands of magic into more work traveling for water healing, Land Alchemy, and gridwork for Gaia.

I have made essences from flowers, trees, places, waters, crystals, and experiences in the Pacific Northwest, Maui, Kauai, Big Island of Hawaii, Sedona, Arizona, and Mt Shasta, California.  

I love to hold sacred space for others and share access to the beautiful, colorful, sparkly energy medicine I love so much. 

My teaching style is very nurturing, relational, mothering, and kind.

My intention is to give you the teachings, experiences, activation, and access to the plant medicine keepers—Gaia, sacred spirits, devas, flower fairies, tree spirits—to empower your own way.

And, I’ve been known as a catalyst who activates others to free up and express their magical, and sometimes hidden, gifts.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the magical wildflowers, trees, Grandmothers and spirits of nature with you!

“Heather took some drops of Silky Lupine flower essence and was instantly transported to a field of Lupine with a Goddess wearing a skirt of Lupine. They gazed into each other’s eyes. She noticed the open petals and the hook shape of the flower and its revealing opening. The essence brought a feeling of softness in strength and gave her a sense that someone understood her. The Goddess held her hands out to Heather and gave her dance and sparkle.”

Spirit of Lupine: Flower Essence Ceremony (Lyle, WA)

Flower Essence Magic & The Alchemy of Transformation

Listen to the Flowers.

Remember Flower Magic.

Learn their Energy Medicine.

Enter Gaia’s Garden of Abundance, Now.


Get instant access to Flower Essence Magic, Now!

Register for Flower Essence Magic here with 1 payment of $385 or 3 easy payments of $133. 

When you join, you get instant access to all of this magic:

  •     Online Class Portal with all videos and materials.
  •     E-Book on Flower Essences (Sacred Spirits of the Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and Essences of Place by Camilla Blossom Bishop)
  •     Flower Essence Magic Kit, free (9 flower essences, 1 oz. bottles, box)
  •     Free monthly magical community Group Mentorship Zoom Calls with Camilla Blossom

Course materials will be available as soon as they are created.

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Do you carry Flower Healing Lineage? 

If you do, now is the perfect time to allow your beautiful lineage gifts to bloom.

Fairies, Flower Devas, and Plant Spirits are calling you back home to experience the magical synchronicity of following your intuitive callings.

Trust that you know what is right for you.



“Thank you again for everything. You are such an amazing, gentle, powerful teacher. I deeply appreciated all of the ways that you connected with the spirits & brought in healing.”

Contact Camilla with questions: 

In Gratitude to the Flowers and Plants!