Womb Healing & Awakening Online Ceremony


June 24 - 07:00 pm


June 25 - 11:00 am

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Camilla Blossom, Spiritual Mentor

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Ancestor Womb Ceremony for You and Your Ancestors to Empower Your Creation Center

Dreamtime Energy Healing Ceremony: Friday 7 pm – Saturday 11 am

2 Zoom Gatherings: (live & recorded)

  • Friday 7- 8 pm
  • Saturday 9-11 am

Awaken Your Creation Center (2nd Chakra) to Greater Abundance, Bliss, and Personal Power! 

Overnight, dreamtime ceremony to honor your womb and female ancestors through unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion for their lives—joys and struggles.

Honoring you and all the women in your lineages. Connect your healing and your ancestor’s healing to Divine Mother, Gaia’s Womb, and the Cosmic Womb of Creation.

Energy Medicine for Female Lineage Ancestors. De-construction and dismantling patriarchal patterning in your energy body and become Crystalline Heart Womb.

Water Ceremony & Womb Blessing with Flowers, Sound, Crystalline Energies, & Sacred Geometry.

Fairy Queen of the Green Realms—Moss, Lilies, Roses.

Receive energy medicine and lineage healing in the dreamtime. Access Liberation Codes to free what holds you back from moving towards greater abundance and joy.

DNA Activation and Energy Medicine for Female Ancestral Lineages through Time/Space Continuum



7 – 8 pm Zoom Call

Ceremonial Prep, Set Sacred Space, Set Up Ancestral Altars, Honor Your Ancestors, Open the Portal of Your Womb

Overnight in Dreamtime

8 pm – 9 am Sleep & Heal

After the call, the Womb Healing & Awakening Ceremony will continue into the Dreamtime. I will be working energetically and spiritual with you and your Spirit Guides to offer Ancestor Lineage Healing from a distance in co-creative partnership with your soul.


9 am – 11 am Zoom Call

Energy transmissions, attunement, more alignments, ceremony completion, integration process, and community sharing.

Why Do Women Need Womb Awakening?

  • Reclaim Your Creativity: Manifest a Dream Life
  • Never Doubt Your Self-Worth
  • Empower Yourself in the 5D new earth paradigm
  • Expand experiences of pleasure and bliss—sensual, sexual, make peace with the past
  • Enhance Magical Self-Expression: Freedom to Be You Unapologetically!
  • Womb: Listen to Her Voice of Truth
  • Move Beyond Drama, Entanglements, Energy Cords, Patterns, Doubting Your Value.
  • Heal Your Body & Soul.

Ceremony Guided By:

Camilla Blossom and Isis, Womb Grandmother and Spirit Council of 13 Grandmothers, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Divine Mother, Cosmic Mother, Mother Gaia, and all her sweet, nurturing Elementals and Fairy Realms.

Camilla Blossom is a Soul Midwife, Flower Essence Alchemist, Ancestral Lineage Healer, Land Alchemist.

Recommended Essences & Oils:

    • Mother Mary Manzanita Mt Shasta Essence
    • Sedona Essence (coming soon)
    • Moss Essence
    • Lily Essences
    • Red Columbine Flower Essence
    • Mary Magdalene Absolution Oil

available at CamillaBlossom.com