Guided Journey with Fairies, Sidhe, Elementals


March 10


05:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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Camilla Blossom, Spiritual Mentor

Co-Creative Personal & Planetary Healing with Fairies, Sidhe, Dragons, Elementals, Devas

You are being activated to remember your Fairy and Sidhe lineage.

Join us for in a commuity event to co-create in Council with the spiritual beings of nature.

We are acting in Service as spiritual stewards of the planet… and we receive back so much more… light, wisdom, activations… loving relationship!

We will tune in and I will guide a planetary/personal healing meditation to access and expand the loving frequencies needed for the times we are in.

Bring your mastery to co-create with the elementals, fairies, and Sidhe as well as gnomes, dragons, mermaids, undines, devas, sylphs, unicorns, spirits of land, and the divine realms of Source, Mother/Father God, Creator, All There Is.

Step up into your light, mastery, and power as an earth empath, light-worker, earth steward, and land alchemist.

Nature’s realms of seen and unseen beings are waiting for “instructions” to work with us on behalf of all of Creation.

Beginners are welcome to join the call.

Free event. Donations welcome.

ZOOM ACCESS INFO: Live and Recorded

You will receive emails with zoom info before the event.

You will receive a link to the Fairy Activism event video replay afterwards via email or subscribe to my youtube channel to view afterwards.

Thank you for your participation!

In Gratitude,

Camilla Blossom