Free Land Alchemy Training


August 30


05:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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Camilla Blossom, Flower & Land Alchemist



land training

Learn how to envision, co-create, & anchor new consciousness on our lands, homes, waters with sacred spirits of Gaia.

Let’s enter Gaia’s Etheric Temple of Earth Magic! 

Enter Gaia’s Golden Age and learn how to deeply honor, awaken, bring magical nature spirit relationships back to your home, land, waters.

We will enter Gaia’s Temple to meet with the sacred spirits of Gaia—Elementals, Fairy Realms, Plant Medicine, Ancestors, and The Councils of Gaia­.

Listen, vision, dream, co-create in a sacred container (void) in sacred relationship.

Learn how to anchor these new energies (or ancient ones) in your Land Altars, grids/leylines of Mother Earth, in ritual and ceremony, and in making offerings, blessings, and prayers to the lands, waters, our homes.

This call is an introduction to my magical in-depth Land Alchemy training online course that begins Sept 20, 2023.

Gaia’s Golden Age ~ Land Alchemy Training 2023-2024

There will be a Q & A portion, a journey, and discussion of the course.

Come live or watch replay.

See more course info HERE for Gaia’s Golden Age ~ Land Alchemy Training