Fairy Grandmother Lodge


July 19


04:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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Camilla Blossom, Spiritual Mentor

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Magical Journeying with Spirit Grandmother of Earth Spirits, Elementals, Fairies, and Unseen Realm

You are invited to Grandmother Lodge to circle in co-creative and loving community.

Live July 19th + August 1st 2022 (Live + Recorded) You do not need to attend live to join the lodge. Part 1 + Part 2 one fee.

Magical Journeying with Earth Spirits Grandmother Te Wanee and 13 Spirit Grandmothers 

Play with Joyful , Sweet, and Potent Spirits and Creators of Nature.

Explore the quiet, small, subtle realms of Nature:

  • What in Nature calls you alive?
  • How can you build more relationship with the spirit of nature?
  • What do you want to experience with Fay, Elementals, Dragons, etc?
  • What are you hiding that wants your self-expression?

You will be exploring your relationship to POWER as a magical force of and on behalf of Nature and Gaia.

In this 2-part zoom lodge event, receive…

  • Wisdom Teachings
  • Spiritual Inspiration & Activations
  • Guided Journeys
  • Ancestral Guidance & Support
  • Access to Ancient Sacred Feminine Grandmothers of Creation
  • Ways to Empower your Inner Elder, Crone, Oracle, Wise Woman, Goddess, Priestess, Grandmother

You can be any age or gender to hold Grandmother energies and model beautiful wisdom and leadership qualities.

Grandmother Lodge is Guided by Camilla Blossom & Spirit Grandmothers

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom & Reach Your True Potential!

We meet twice for Grandmother Lodge—

Part 1 is to initiate connection and open to Grandmothers and our inner wisdom through a journey and teachings.

Part 2 we learn to embody the wisdom and knowing and share our experiences, creativity, and self-expression. We do a guided journey and open to inner wisdom. We have had some lovely arts, crafts, and creativity pour through from connecting with the Grandmothers.

One fee for 2 events.


Part 1: July 19th, 4:00 – 6:00 pm pacific time (Live & Recorded)

join live Zoom or listen to recording

• Introductions

• Who are 13 Spirit Grandmothers?

• Wisdom Teachings, Channelings from 13 Spirit Grandmothers

• Guided Meditative Journey to Etheric Grandmother Lodge

• Group Sharing

In-between (optional):

• Make Grandmother Altar

• Option to create Grandmother Art, Dance, Poetry, Writing, Song

Part 2: August 1st, 4:00 – 6:00 pm pacific time (Live & Recorded)

join live Zoom or listen to recording

• More journeying with 13 Grandmothers

• Share life experiences & insights in sacred circle

• Medicine songs, creative & art expression

• Community sharing of art, song, poetry, projects, influences inspired by Grandmothers


• Continue to enjoy practices and foster relationship

• Private Facebook Group (Grandmother Lodge)


We have had lovely circles of mostly women in the lodge. It is a safe and comforting space to ground and connect with others. Grandmother Lodges are open to all people – all denominations, genders, orientations, races, expressions.



Pay here for Part 1 & Part 2 together. Choose your amount based on your financial situation. If you need further assistance with finances, please contact me re work trade or other options for exchange. (: camillablossom1111@gmail.com



Thank you!!! You will receive emails for live Zoom call access and video replays.



We will be working with the Grandmothers as shared in the book Visions of Wisdom: Messages from the Spirit Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers, Dolphins & Whales Publishing, by Judith K. Moore & Sean Sands (See excerpt below.)

More Information about Grandmother Lodge from my website: CamillaBlossom.com

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Please watch this video if you haven’t been to the Grandmother Lodge.

artwork: Andrea Dombecki