Fairy Activism: Oracle Card Readings


November 19


04:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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Camilla Blossom, Earth School

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/camilla-blossom-earth-school-29493760173
Co-Creative Personal & Planetary Healing with the Fairies, Dragons, Elementals, Devas

Join me for readings from my new deck: Fairy Activism Oracle

For this event, we will play with the cards, ask questions, and draw cards for those attending or listening later.

Join us for our latest Fairy Activism event to co-create in Council with the beings of nature and spirit.

We are acting in Service as spiritual stewards of the planet… and we receive back so much more… light, wisdom, activations… loving relationship!

We will tune in and I will guide a planetary/personal healing meditation to access and expand the loving frequencies needed for Balance and Harmony.

Bring your mastery to co-create with the elementals and fairies—gnomes, dragons, mermaids, undines, devas, sylphs, unicorns, Sidhe, spirits of land, indigenous ancestors, and the divine realms of Source, Mother/Father God, Creator, All There Is.

Step up into your light, mastery, and power as an earth empath, light-worker, earth steward, and land alchemist.

Beginners are welcome to join the call.

Nature’s realms of seen and unseen beings are waiting for “instructions” to work with us on behalf of all of Creation. Join me for this nature spirit practice of Fairy Activism… and activation!

Free event. Donations welcome. Live and Recorded.


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You will receive a link to the Fairy Activism event video replay afterwards.

Thank you for your participation!

In Gratitude,

Camilla Blossom, Earth School of Grandmother Wisdom, Fairy Activism, & Land Light Alchemy

art: Andrea Dombecki AngelFairyHealing.com